∕t∫∕ chip

— Lovely little chapel for a church wedding bells… chiming…

— Do you think they’re a good match?

— Good question. They’re like chalk and cheese. She’s a checkout chick;

He’s the chairman of a television channel. He’s rich, charming…

— But she Is the national chess champion.

-Ah!… mm… a perfect match, I imagine.

(Note: They’re like chalk and cheese = idiom meaning they’re very different.

Target sound ∕t∫∕

Ci2a a First practise the sounds /t/ and /JV (see pages 89 and 114). Listen and repeat.

F 42b b To make the target sound /t J^∕, begin to make /t/. Then slowly move your tongue from the roof of your mouth. Do it again more quickly. Don’t use your voice. Listen and repeat: ∕tJ7.



Minimal pairs

Sound 1



We like ships.


This is a sheep farm.

Sound 2



We like chips.


This is a cheap farm.



It’s a sherry trifle.


I’ll buy this shop.


It’s a cherry trifle.


I’ll buy this chop.


I couldn’t cash it.


I couldn’t catch it.



He’s washing the television.


He’s watching the television.

: pair words

A Listen and repeat the words.

B You will hear five words from each minimal pair. For each word, write ∕ for ∕J7 (sound 1) or 2 for ∕tJ7 (sound 2).

EXAMPLE Pair 1: 2, 2, 1, 2, 1

I pair sentences

C Listen to the minimal pair sentences.

D Listen to six of the sentences and write 1 for ∕∫∕ (sound 1) or 2 for /t J^∕ (sound 2).

E Sentence stress

First read the minimal pair sentences and guess which two words will be strongly stressed in each sentence. Notice which words are nouns, adjectives or main verbs. These are often important for the speaker’s meaning, so they are often (but not always) the stressed words. Then listen to each sentence and Underline the two strongly stressed words (on page 120).

EXAMPLE He’s WatchIng the television.

, f Tick the words a) or b) that you hear in the sentences.

1 a) shop


2 a) sherry

B) cherry

3 a) washing

B) watching

4 a) ships

B) chips

5 a) shin

B) chin

6 a) shoes



A First practise the target sound ∕tJ7 in words from the dialogue. Read the words aloud or visit the website to practise, choose chops Charles much lunch Church butcher chicken children cheaper cheerful charming Cheshire chump chops

B Sentence stress

Listen to the dialogue, paying attention to the target sound. Then read the dialogue and guess which words are strongly stressed in each sentence. The number in brackets tells you how many words will be strongly stressed by the speaker in that line. The first line has been done as an example. Then listen to the dialogue as many times as necessary before deciding on your answers.

(Charles CheshIre is a very CheerFul, CharMing ButchEr. ) Good morning, Mrs Church.

Good morning, Charles Γd like some chops for the children’s lunch.

Chump chops or shoulder chops, Mrs Church?

I’ll have four shoulder chops, and I want a small chicken. Would you like to choose a chicken, Mrs Church?

Which one is cheaper?

This one’s the cheapest. It’s a delicious chicken.

How much is all that? I haven’t got cash. Can I pay by credit card?

CHARLES: (2) Of course, Mrs Church.

C is c Check your answers by listening to the dialogue again. Then check in th key.

D Practise reading the dialogue aloud. Record your voice to compare your production of the target sound with the recording.

4 Intonation in a list

< s a Listen to the recording of someone listing the ingredients in the recipe below. Notice how intonation keeps going up on each item of the list, but comes down at the end.

Recipe — Cheese-topped chops

Ingredients: a Dash of soy Sauce

CheddAr Cheese


Practise reading this list aloud. Record your voice to compare your intonation with the recording.

B Instructions

Listen to someone giving instructions about how to make cheese- topped chops. Notice how intonation can keep going up when giving instructions about how to do something, but comes down at the end.

1 Pour a little soy Sauce over the Chops.

2 Chop the MushRooms, Cheese and shaLlots.

3 Mix the MushRooms, Cheese, shaLlots and ChillI with a Dash of soy Sauce.

5 Spread the MixTure over the Chops

6 Grill the Chops and MixTure for a few MinUtes.

7 Put the Chops on a Dish and DecOrate Each chop with a CherrY.


⅛-⅞.’⅛-‘-⅛ ‘~.’1⅛)

8 Serve the chops with Fresh French salad and Chips, vi⅛⅛⅛~- v-4∑i∙-r


Practise reading these instructions aloud. Record your voice to compare your stress and intonation with the recording.

S Spelling

Look back over this unit at words with the target sound, and write what you noticed about how to spell the sound ∕tJ7.

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