Тест 9

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. It has rained______to flood the low-lying areas.

A) enough hard c) hard enough

B) quite hard d) enough harder

2. While John was watching television, Maria______a


A) read c) was reading

B) has read d) have been reading

3. There are thirty people in the room. Twenty are from Latin America and______are from______countries.

A) the others, another c) another, others

B) the others, other d) the other, the others

4.______lake Erie is one of______five Great Lakes in

______North America.

A) -, the, the c) -, the, —

B) the, -, — d) the, the, —

5. We have spent______time on this homework.

A) too much c) such many

B) too many d) so a much

6. If______of you takes a vacation now, we will not be able

To finish that work.

A) either c) anybody

B) each c) somebody

7. It’s too hot and my hair needs______.

A) to be cutting c) cutting

B) be cut d) to be cut

8. She will wear a costume to the party, and______.

A) we will too c) so we will

B) so we will too d) we too

9 If we______to study, we could go out tonight.

A) hadn’t c) hadn’t have

B) haven’t d) didn’t have

10.1 wished that I______up yesterday.

A) had washed c) washed

B) have washed d) didn’t washed

11.______we known that you were there, we would have

Written you a letter.

A) if c) had

B) unless d) in case

12. We hope that they______yesterday.

A) came c) have came

B) come d) had come

13. Don’t worry. Some day you will get used to______En­glish.

A) speak c) have spoken

B) speaking d) have to speak

14. The girls speak______English.

A) fluently c) quite fluently

B) fluent d) enough fluent

15. A mink coat costs______a sable coat.

A) twice more than c) twice too much as

B) twice much as d) twice as much as

16. He has______heavy a work load that it is difficult for

Him to travel.

A)such c)so

B) too d) like

17. Before payday, I have______money as my brother.

A) as little c) such little

B) as few d) so little

18. You’ll stick______with the pins if you are not careful.

A) you c) yourself

B) your d) yours

19. The accident was my fault, so I had to pay for the damage ______the other car.

A) of c) for

B) to d) at

20. The bus service is very good. There is a bus______ten


A) every c) all

B) each d) almost

21.______a long time for the bus.

A) always we have to wait c) we have always to wait

B) we always have to wait d) we have to wait always

22.1 could sleep______very tried.

A) despite I was c) although I were

B) in spite of being d) despite of being

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