Тест 8

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. If he had not become a teacher he______to be an actor.

A) would like c) liked

B) would have liked d) will like

2. If I______an umbrella, I would have got wet.

A) would not taken c) did not take

B) would not have taken d) had not taken

3. If you had asked me, I______you the truth.

A) could not tell c) did not tell

B) would not have told d) will not tell

4.1 wish you______more helpful.

A) would be c) were

B) would have been d) are

5.1 wish I______you then.

A) would know c) had known

B) would have known d) knew

6. You went to bed very late last night. You______have gone

To bed earlier.

A) need c) must

B) should d) might

7- We______stop for petrol soon. The tank is almost empty.

A) could better c) must better

B) had better d) might better

8- _______you wait a moment, please?

A) could c) should

B) might d) must

9 Do you think you______lend me your car until next week?

A) ought b) must

С) could d) should

10.______you like a cup of tea?

A) do c) would

B) could d) might

11. Exobiology is the study of life______other planets.

A) in c) on

B) at d) for

12.______aspects of his talk have global applications.

A) one of the c) any of the

B) some d) none

13. The department ordered______new furniture for the


A) many c) some

B) much of d) any

14. My cousin lives______a farm.

A) at c) within

B) in d) on

15. She wished she______a princess when she was a young


A) were c) is

B) was d) be

16. Travellers’ checks are useful when one is travelling be­cause ______people refuse to accept them.

A) quite a few c) few

B) a few d) many

17. He was angry______his friend.

A) with c) on

B) at d) about

18. You______study a lot if you want to pass the exam.

A) should b) have

C) will d) might

19- You______be very proud of your son. He has won so

Many rewards.

A) ought c) will

B) had d) must

20.1 was startled______the bitterness in his voice.

A) on c) by

B) in d) with

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