Тест 7

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. The new house______next year in this street.

A) will built c) is built

B) will be built d) will be build

2. The music at the party was very loud and______from far


A) can be heard c) could be heard

B) can hear d) is heard

3. My car disappeared. It______.

A) must has been stolen c) must have been stole

B) must have been stolen d) should have been stolen

4. How many accidents______by dangerous driving nowa-


A) is caused c) are cause

B) have been caused d) are caused

5. Last night a tree______down.

A) was blown c) blown

B) is blown d) blow

6. The car______at the moment.

A) being cleaned c) is being cleaned

B) was cleaned d) was being cleaned

7. The shirts______when I came home.

A) are being washed c) were washed

B) were being washed d) are washed

8. He is not going to the party. He______.

A) haven’t been invited c) isn’t being invited

B) wasn’t been invited d) hasn’t been invited

9. Jane didn’t know which way to go. She______.

A) hadn’t been told c) isn’t told

B) hasn’t been told d) wasn’t been told

10.1______three days to write a composition.

A) was give c) has given

B) was given d) gave

11.______you speak any foreign languages?

A) are you able c) would

B) can d) should

12. We didn’t go out yesterday. We______to the theatre but

Mary caught a cold, so we decided to stay at home.

A) could has gone c) could have gone

B) would have gone d) could gone

13. You were busy all day. You______tired.

A) have to be c) must be

B) can be d) could be

14. Someone rang the doorbell but I didn’t hear it. I______


A) might have been asleep c) should have been asleep

B) could have been asleep d) must have been asleep

15. — Where is John? I can’t find him. — He______in his office.

A) might be c) would be

B) should be d) might have been

16.______a cup of coffee?

A) would like you c) would you like

B) could you like d) should you like

17. The baby is asleep. You_______shout.

A) must c) needn’t

B) mustn’t d) shouldn’t

18. John bought some bread but when he got home he found that he already had bread. So he______any bread.

A) mustn’t have bought c) shouldn’t have bought

B) needn’t have bought d) needn’t buy

19. If you behave yourself, you______go to the museum

With us.

A) must c) have to

B) can d) could

20. Please, don’t shout. The project of the country’s budget ______now by the government.

A) discusses c) is being discussed

B) is discussing d) being discussed

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