Тест 6

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. I______an interesting book at the moment. I’ll return it

To the library when I’ve finished.

A) read c) shall read

B) am reading d) would read

2. Your English______better.

A) is getting c) got

B) gets d) will get

3. George______to the dentist every month.

A) is going c) will go

B) goes d) has gone

4.1______to the cinema tomorrow evening.

A) am going c) is going

B) go d) has gone

5. Jane______married next month.

A) gets c) is getting

B) will get d) get

6. Do you think this team______the match?

A) wins c) shall win

B) won d) will win

7. When I______in Moscow, I______in a hospital.

A) live, work c) live, worked

B) lived, work d) lived, worked

8.1 saw John in the park. He______on the grass and

______a book.

A) were sitting, reading c) was sitting, reading

B) sitting, reading d) sitting, was reading

9.1_______my textbook. Can you help me look for it?

A) has lost c) lost

B) have lost d) lose

10._______you ever been to Canada?

A) have c) did

B) has d) do

11. Why are you so dirty? What_______?

A) have you been doing c) did you do

B) were you doing d) have you done

12. It_______for two days.

A) have been snowing c) has been snowing

B) have snowed d) has snowed

13. When I arrived at the party, Helen wasn’t there. She _______home.

A) has gone c) had gone

B) have gone d) gone

14. Pete_______for 15 years when he finally gave it up.

A) have been smoking c) have smoked

B) has been smoking d) had been smoking

15. The baby began_______when his mother_______.

A) to cry, is leaving c) cry, was leaving

B) crying, left d) cried, left

16. Please remember_______the letter on your way home.

A) posting c) post

B) to post d) having posted

17. The story is so funny. We all_______when we were listen­ing to it.

A) are laughing c) laugh

B) have laughed d) were laughing

18 The batteries in the recorder must_______every month if

You want it to work properly.

A) change c) to change

B) changing d) be changed

19. I’m afraid to take the exam because almost everybody _______it.

A) is failing c) have failed

B) has failed d) fails

20. He used_______much harder last year.

A) to work c) worked

B) working d) to working

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