Тест 5

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. Не______fishing every weekend when he was a school­boy but now he is too busy.

A) was used to go c) got used to go

B) used to go d) used to going

2. I have started drinking coffee recently. I never______it


A) used to like c) was using to like

B) was used to like d) used to liking

3. James______study hard until he understood that it was


A) did not get used to c) used not to

B) didn’t use to d) wasn’t used to

4. When we climbed up the mountain we______the clouds


A) might have seen c) could see

B) may saw d) can saw

5. Helen decided to go shopping yesterday though she ______at home.

A) could stay c) could have stayed

B) might stay d) could has stayed

6. The concert was cancelled last week. I______there any­way because I was ill.

A) could have not gone c) didn’t go

B) couldn’t go d) couldn’t have gone

7. You didn’t answer when I phoned you yesterday. You ______asleep.

A) has been c) must be

B) must have been d) could be

8 Your room is very well ventilated. So you______hot yes­terday.

A) can’t have been c) can have not be

B) couldn’t be d) could haven’t be

9 We______watch cartoons, we’ve nothing else to do.

A) may be c) as well may

B) might as well d) as well can

10. You______us last night. It wasn’t necessary.

A) must not visit c) needn’t have visited

B) needn’t visit d) didn’t need to visit

11. Jane______at 6 o’clock when she was younger.

A) used to waking up c) was use to wake up

‘ b) got used to wake up d) used to wake up

12. We______that we______you yesterday. Unfortunately

We didn’t see you.

A) wish, had seen c) wish, saw

B) hope, saw d) hope, had seen

13. Had she known that you were there, she______you.

A) would meet c) could meet

B) would have met d) might meet

14. He______hard when he was only a schoolboy.

A) got used to studying c) got used to study

B) was used to study d) used to studying

15.1 prefer studying at home______studying at school.

A) than c)to

B)then d)that

16. He______stay home tonight.

A) would rather to c) would rather

B) will better d) would be better to

17. James would rather that we______leave now, but we

Must go to work.

A) didn’t c) don’t

B) haven’t d) can’t

18.1______drink tea, I prefer coffee.

A) wouldn’t rather c) rather not

B) don’t rather d) would rather not

19. He would rather______with us in London last week.

A) has stayed c) stayed

B) have stayed d) to stay

20. My teacher would rather that I______more than I do.

A) study c) studied

B) am study d) am studying

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