Тест 4

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. When he was going away to the weekend he______his

Neighbour water the lawn.

A) got c) requested

B) has d) had

2. While my brother has excellent eyesight, he______hard

Of hearing.

A) has c) was

B) is d) isn’t

3. It’s important that all luggage_______for identification

Before being loaded into the aircraft.

A) to be labeled c) should be labeled

B) must be labeled d) be labeled

4. The______purpose of the jury system is to allow people

To participate in the judicial process.

A) most c) very

B) least d) much

5.______we manage the environment better, there will not

Be adequate supplies of natural resources for future gen­erations.

A) as long as c) till such time

B) not until d) unless

6. Chicory______and mixed with coffee to make a darker


A) is grinded c) is ground

B) is grind d) is grinden

7. When Disney watched children play in the park, he wished that there______be a park where they could have fun.

A) would b) should

С) must d) will

8. Since ancient times silver______to human beings.

A) is known c) is being known

B) has been known d) has been knowing

9. A rocket propellant consists of a fuel and______oxidizer.

A) a c) an

B) the d) —

10. The three business partners decided to end their partner­ship due to a dispute______them.

A) between c) among

B) in the middle of d) by

11. You’d better______from work tomorrow.

A) not be absent c) not to be absent

B) not to absent d) not absenting

12. Rice is the staple diet of______Asians.

A) a large amount of c) most

B) much d) number of

13. When I last saw them, the police______the robbers

Down the street.

A) were chasing c) chased

B) was chasing d) were on a chase

14. The pictures of Loch Ness show a reptile of the Mesozoic era whic are______to be extinct many years ago.

A) presumably c) presumptuous

B) presumed d) is presumed

15. He is______his uncle.

A) taller c) as tall as

B) as tall d) the tallest

16. The trapeze artist who ran away with the clown______.

The lion tamer’s heart.

A) broke away c) broke

B) broke down d) broken down

17.______people study Latin seriously, while most seem to

Prefer Spanish, Italian and the like.

A) little c) many

B) few d) much of

18. In 1871 a fire in Chicago destroyed______1,800 build­ings.

A) many c) just as

B) the same as d) as many as

19.______obtained by heating coal in the absence of air is

Known as coal gas.

A) a gas c) the gas that

B) a gas that d) the gas

20.______is the science of making artificial replacements

For parts of the human body.

A) prosthetics c) a prosthetic

B) prosthetic d) the prosthetics

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