Тест 39

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. Before you______don’t forget to lock the door.

A) are leaving c) leave

B) ’11 leave d) shall leave

2. Tomorrow afternoon I______tennis from three to four.

A) ’11 play c) ’11 be playing

B) play d) am playing

3. I’m angry. Your friend______lies about you.

A) have told c) has been telling

B) tell d) had told

4. The film was______exciting but______frightening.

A) quite, rather c) rather, quite

B) quite, quite d) rather, rather

5.______longer you stay in a country,______more you

Learn about its customs.

A) -, — c) the, a

B) the, the d) a, a

6.1 was pleased______your message yesterday.

A) to get c) getting

B) having got d) get

7. The coat is not warm______to wear in winter.

A) too c) enough

B)so d)such

8. Is this the first time you______in hospital?

A) ‘ve been c) were

B) are d) ‘d been

9. The kitchen hadn’t been______for ages. It was really

A) cleaning, disgusting c) cleaned, disgusting

B) cleaned, disgusted d) cleaning, disgusted

10. It was a lovely party. We really enjoyed . very much.

A) us c) ours

B) our d) ourselves

11. Being very shy she was sitting______in a corner of the


A) herself c) on her own

B) on one’s own c) by her

12. Can I borrow your scissors? Mine______sharp enough.

A) aren’t c) is

B) isn’t d) are

13. The local restaurant was no longer open. It_______


A) closed c) has closed

B) was closed d) had closed

14.1 wasn’t hungry. I______just______breakfast.

A) had have c) would have

B) was having d) have had

15. If only I had enough money, then I______a car.

A) would buy c) would have bought

B) bought d) ’11 buy

16. My brother is very ill in______hospital. I go to______

Hospital to visit him every day.

A) -,the c)the, the

B) -, — d) a, the

17. During the night the tourists______up by loud screams.

A) woke c) wake

B) are woken d) were woken

18. Four people are said______after the explosion.

A) to be arrested c) be arrested

B) being arrested d) to have been arrested

19. "I wonder if he will get the job." "______."

A) So am I c) So I do

B) So I am d) So do I

20. A lot of money______by car manufacturers now to cre­ate cars harmless for the environment.

A) are invested b) have been invested

C) is being invested d) were invested

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