Тест 38

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. Please don’t speak to anyone before the police______.

A) come c) will come

B) comes d) coming

2. He______along the highway when two cars crashed.

A) drove c) is driving

B) was driving d) drives

3. I’d rather______to a Chinese restaurant. I am not fond

Of Chinese food.

A) to go c) don’t go

B) go d) not go

4. Who is______intelligent person you know?

A) the most c) most

B) more d) the more

5. The hotel isn’t______expensive______I expected.

A) so, as c) as, as

B) as, so d) such, as

6. A good restaurant is hard______in this town.

A) to find c) find

B) for finding d) found

7. He didn’t get the job because he wasn’t experienced

A) well c) too

B) so d) enough

8. The food at the hotel was.______bad, that we decided to

Stay at the other one.

A)such c) so

B) such a d)too

9. This is not the first time the car has broken down. It has happened______times before.

A) plenty c) much

B) a few d) a little

10. When the boat started to sink, we were really frightened because______us could swim.

A) neither of c) either of

B) either d) both

11. "Do you want me to type that letter for you?" "No, I’ll do it______."

A) for me c) for mine

B) — d) myself

12. The shorts you bought for me______fit me.

A) aren’t c) don’t

B) isn’t d) doesn’t

13. She______novels since she left college. She______

Three novels so far.

A) has been writing, has published

B) was writing, published

C) wrote, has published

D) has been writing, have published

14. Sorry, I’m late. The car______down on my way here.

A) had broken c) broke

B) breaks d) has broken

15.1 wish he______more slowly, then I would have under­stood.

A) speaks c) was speaking

B) spoke d) had spoken

16. On______way to Pskov we passed through______old

Church and we stopped to visit______church.

A) the, an, the c) the, the, the

B) the, a, the d) a, -, —

17. This fence is going______next month.

A) to paint c) to be painted

B) be painted d) painting

18. Many calls for help______by the local radio.

A) broadcasted c) broadcasting

B) have been broadcast d) are broadcasting

19. "I didn’t think the exam was so difficult." "______."

A) I didn’t too c) Neither did I

B) Neither I did d) Neither do I

20. California has set tough pollution laws for 20 years ______poor ecology.

A) since c) because

B) for d) because of

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