Тест 37

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. His parents will be very glad, if she______the university.

A) has entered c) enters

B) enter d) ’11 enter

2. While Nick______his homework, his mother______on

The phone.

A) did, was talking c) was doing, talked

B) did, talked d) was doing, was talking

3. When we______on holiday last year it______every day.

A) went, rained c) went, was raining

B) were going, rained d) were going, was raining

4. What is______expensive thing you’re ever bought?

A) more c) most

B) much d) the most

5.1 don’t go out______much______I used to.

A) as, as c) as, so

B) so, as d) such, as

6. It was stupid of her______out in the rain without a rain­coat.

A) go c) going

B) to go d) having gone

7. You won’t pass the examination if you don’t work hard

A) enough c) so

B) well d) too

8. He has got______big feet he has difficulty finding shoes

To fit him.

A)so b)such a

C)such d)too

9. I don’t think she would be a good teacher. She’s got ______patience with children.

A) much c) few

B) a few d) little

10. She went to the bathroom to wash______.

A) her c) —

B) herself d) oneself

11. The car and the train are______of transport.

A) a means c) the means

B) means d) a mean

12. When a child I was fond of______.

A) athletics c) the athletics

B) the athletic d) an athletics

13. I______to travel to the North Pole since I was a teen­ager.

A) want c) have wanted

B) am wanting d) wanted

14. We live in Moscow now but we______in Kiev.

A) were living c) used to living

B) used living d) used to live

15.1 would still have a job today if I______my work better.

A) did c) was doing

B) had done d) would do

16. When David leaves______school, he wants to study

______economics at______university.

A) -, -, — c) -, the, —

B) the, -, — d) —, the, a

17. I enjoy driving but sometimes I prefer______by other


A) to drive c) to be driven

B) drove d) be driven

18. The bad weather is said______for two days.

A) lasting c) lasted

B) last d) to last

19. "I’m not going to talk to her." "______."

A) So am I c) I am too

B) So I am d) Neither am I

20. In Los Angeles as well as in London the smog problem ______solved yet.

A) was not c) had not been

B) is being d) has not been

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