Тест 36

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. When you______my brother, you______him.

A) see, won’t recognize c) saw, won’t recognize

B) ’11 see, won’t recognize d) ’11 see, recognize

2. When I went out yesterday it______.

A) rained c) has been rained

B) was raining d) has rained

3. They looked bored. I don’t think they were interested in what I______.

A) said c) have said

B) say d) was saying

4. It was one______experiences of my life.

A) of the worst c) worse

B) bad d) the worst

5. My salary isn’t______high______hers.

A) so, as c) as, so

B) as, as d) as, such

6. It wasn’t polite of him______without saying thank you.

A) to leave c) having left

B) leave d) leaving

7. She can’t get married yet. She’s not old______.

A) too c) well

B) so d) enough

8. My mother really loves that film. She______it eight


A) is seeing c) sees

B) see d) has seen

9. This town isn’t very well-known and there isn’t______to

See, so______tourists come here.

A) many, few c) much, little

B) much, few d) plenty, a little

10. She got up early in the morning and dressed______to be

In time for a job.

A) her c) —

B) herself d) oneself

11. The bicycle is______of transport.

A) a means c) the mean

B) a mean d) means

12. At the faculty of______we study management as well.

A) economy c) the economics

B) economic d) economics

13. "Do you often go to a disco?" "No, it’s eight months 1 ______here."

A) went c) have gone

B) go d) am going

14. Now there are two shops near my home but there______

Just one.

A) used being c) used to being

B) used to be d) is

15. She______go if they phone her.

A) has to c) ’11 have to

B) would d) would have

16. After______work my father goes home by______bus.

A) -, — c) -, the

B)the, — d)the, the

17. My car is working again because it______.

A) was repaired c) is repaired

B) has been repaired d) repairs

18. Most roads are known______impassable because of the

Heavy storm.

A) to make c) to have made

B) being made d) to have been made

19. "I am not fond of living in a big city." "_______."

A) So I am c) I am too

B) Neither am 1 d) Neither I am

20. Cars______the air quality in cities.

A) are destroyed c) are destroying

B) to destroy d) have been destroyed

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