Тест 35

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. We won’t discuss the matter until the headmaster______.

A) will arrive c) arrive

B) won’t arrive d) arrives

2. This time last week he______part in sport events.

A) took c) has taken

B) was taking d) takes

3. That woman is very honest. She never______a lie.

A) tells c) tell

B) has told d) is telling

4. He is one______players in the team.

A) best c) of the best

B) the best d) good

5.______longer he waited______more impatient he be­came.

A) the, а с) а, а

B) a, the d) the, the

6. It’s careless of you_______the same mistake again and


A) to make c) making

B) make d) having made

7. I’m______busy to talk to you now.

A) enough c) well

B)too d)so

8. My grandfather______in a small village all his life.

A) is living c) lives

B) live d) has lived

9. He doesn’t speak______English. Only______words.

A) a little, few c) much, fewer

B) little, a few d) much, a few

10. After having a shower he dried______with a towel.

A) him c) —

B) himself d) oneself

11. This flower______very rare species.

A) is c) is a

B) are d) are a

12.______is for exceptionally young and physically strong


A) a gymnastic c) gymnastics

B) the gymnastic d) the gymnastics

13. "Does it often rain here?" "No, it’s years it______


A) is snowing c) snows

B) snowed d) has snowed

14. He______but now he smokes 10 cigarettes a day.

A) used to smoke c) didn’t use to smoke

B) not used to smoke d) didn’t use to smoking

15.1 wish I______to the party last week. It was boring.

A) have gone c) had gone

B) went d) hadn’t gone

16. My younger sister goes to______school, so my mother

Went to______school to meet her teacher.

A) —, the c) the, —

B) -, — d) the, the

17. The meeting______because of illness of the chairman.

A) postponed c) had to be postponed

B) had postponed d) had to postpone

18. A state of emergency is reported______in Turkey last


A) to have declared c) to have been declared

B) be declared d) declared

19. "I’d get married if I were in your position." "______."

A) So I had c) So had I

B) So would I d) So have I

20. I’d rather you______phone me at work.

A) didn’t c) will

B) don’t d) won’t

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