Тест 34

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. If I______any help I______my friend.

A) need, phone c) ’11 need, phone

B) ’11 need, ’11 phone d) need, ’11 phone

2. At 10 o’clock tomorrow they______homework.

A) ’11 do c) do

B) ’11 be doing d) are doing

3.1_______to learn German but I’m not satisfied with my


A) tried c) try

B) have been trying d) ’11 try

4. The weather is______warm but______windy.

A) quite, rather c) rather, quite

B) quite, quite d) rather, rather

5.______more you exercise,______fitter you become.

A) a, a c) the, the

B) -, — d) a, the

6.1 was sorry______that your mother is ill.

A) to hear c) hearing

B) having heard d) heard

7. This bed is not wide______for two people to steep in.

A) too c) enough

B) so d)such

8. She______to me for nearly a month.

A) hasn’t written c) didn’t write

B) not write d) wrote

9. It has a really______experience. Afterwards everybody

Was very______.

A) terrified, shocked c) terrified, shocking

B) terrifying, shocking d) terrifying, shocked

10. He overslept this morning. He didn’t have time to shave

A) him c) —

B) himself d) his

11.1 like living______.

A) my own c) by myself

B) myself d) on me

12. Three days______long enough for a good holiday.

A) are c) not

B) isn’t d) not are

13. My friend no longer had his car. He______it.

A) crashed c) had crashed

B) was crashed d) has crashed

14. My sister______tennis a lot but now she plays it three

Times a week. *

A) didn’t use to play c) didn’t use playing

B) used to play d) didn’t use to playing

15. If she hadn’t helped me I______to do it.

A) failed c) had failed

B) would fail d) would have failed

16. Ken’s brother is in_______ prison, so Ken went to

______prison to visit him.

A) -,the c)the,—

B) -, — d) a, the

17. Be quiet! The programme______at the moment.

A) is recording c) is recorded

B) has been recorded d) is being recorded

18. They are expected______next week.

A) arrive c) to arrive

B) to have arrived d) to be arriving

19. "I didn’t enjoy the film much." "______."

A) Nor did I c) So did I

B) Neither I did d) So I did

20.1 don’t intend______you about my plans.

A) telling c) to tell

B) to be telling d) tell

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