Тест 33

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Let’s______before it______raining.

A) go out, starts c) go out, ’11 start

B) to go out, starts d) going out, starts

2. Before the end of my holiday, I’m afraid, 1______all my


A) spend c) ’11 have spent

B) spent d) ’11 spend

3. Our house is similar to______.

A) them c) their

B) they d) theirs

4. He is one of______men in the world.

A) richer c) the richest

B) richest d) a rich

5.______more I got to know him,______more I liked


A) the, the с) а, а

B) -, — d) a, the

6. Nobody has seen Mary for days. Who was the last______


A) seeing c) see

B) having seen d) to see

7. It’s not warm______to sit in the garden.»

A) enough c) well

B)so d)too

8. What a boring film! It’s the most boring film I______.

A) have never seen c) had ever seen

B) saw d) ‘ve ever seen

9. We didn’t have any money but Nick had______.

A) few c) a little

B) a few d) little

10. They tried to study but they just couldn’t concentrate

A) them c) —

B) theirs d) themselves

11. Three thousands dollars______stolen in the robbery.

A) was c) is

B) were d) are

12. Unfortunately______was very shocking.

A) a news c) new

B) news d) the news

13. Do you often go to a cinema? No, it’s a long time since* I ______there.

A) went c) go

B) am going d) have gone

14. He_________to bed early but now he goes out every


A) used to go c) used going

B) didn’t use to go d) used to going

15. You won’t pass the driving test unless you______more.

A) ’11 practise c) don’t practise

B) not practise d) practise

16. Jack is in______hospital now and his sister went to

______hospital to visit him.

A) —, the c) the, the

B) -, — d) -, a

17.1 realized that my car______away by the police.

A) was taken b) has been taken

С) had been taken d) will be taken

18. "I’ve got few friends." "______."

A) Neither have I c) So do I

B) Neither do I d) So have I

19. In the afternoon I do some work for the big companj ______my computer.

A) having used c) using

B) will using d) to use

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