Тест 32

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1.1 want you to go to the shop, but if you______to come,

I you needn’t.

A) want c) don’t want

B) not want d) aren’t wanting

2. When mother comes home I______to bed.

A) ’11 go c) go

B) ’11 have gone d) have gone

3.______police are responsible for maintaining______law


A) the, -, — c) -, -, —

B) -, the, — d) -, the, the

4. Her plan is______interesting but______complicated.

A) quite, rather c) rather, quite

B) quite, quite d) rather, rather

5._______more you practise your English,______faster

You’ll learn it.

A) a, a c) the, the

B) -, — d) a, the

6. Some words from the text are impossible______.

A) to translate c) translating

B) translate d) having translated

7. He doesn’t speak______English to make himself under­stood.

A) well c) such

B)so d) enough

8. This is the first time he______a car.

A) ‘s driven c) drives

B) ‘s driving d) drove

9. He is one of the most______people I’ve ever met. He

Never says anything______.

A) bored, interesting c) boring, interesting

B) boring, interested d) bored, interested

10. My aunt is very old. She can’t look after______.

A) herself c) hers

B) her d) myself

11. We had no help repairing the car. We did it completely

A) on one’s own c) on our own

B) themselves d) oneselves

12. Russia______all their basketball matches this season.

A) loses c) has lost

B) is losing d) have lost

13. When I arrived at the party Mary______home yet.

A) has gone c) had gone

B) hadn’t gone d) hasn’t gone

14. My grandmother______coffee but now she drinks two

Cups a day.

A) used drinking c) didn’t use to drinking

B) didn’t use to drink d) didn’t use drinking

15. If we______enough money we would have bought a new


A) had c) ’11 have

B) have d) had had

16. Manila is______capital of______Philippines.

A)the, the c)the,—

B) a, the d) a, —

17. Some improvements______since we last looked at it.

A) was made c) have been made

B) were made d) are made

18.______car is______excellent means of______trans­port.

A) -, a, — c) -, an, the

B) the, an, — d) a, an, —

19. "I can’t ride a horse." "______."

A) Neither can I c) Neither I can

B) So can I d) So I can’t

20. It was______long walk to______nearest buildings as

We lived on______outskirts of______town.

A) a, the, the, — c) a, —, the, —

B) -, the, the, — d) a, the, -, the

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