Тест 31

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. I’ll phone you when I______home tonight.

A) ’11 get c) get

B) am getting d) would get

2. From 10 to 11 tomorrow they______the flat.

A) clean c) ’11 be cleaned

B) ’11 clean d) ’11 be cleaning

3. I’m sorry for the smell in my flat. It______painted.

A) was c) has been

B) is d) has

4. The car goes______well but______noisy.

A) quite, rather c) rather, quite

B) quite, quite d) rather, rather

5.______longer you speak on the telephone,______more

You have to pay.

A) -, — c) -, the

B) a, a d) the, the

6. He is difficult______.

A) to understand c) understand

B) having understood d) understanding

7. This tea is______hot to drink.

A) so c) too

B) such d)enough

8. My brother______his driving license again. It’s the sec­ond time he______it.

A) has lost, has lost c) has lost, lost

B) lost, has lost d) loses, loses

9. Why do you always look so_______? Is your life really a) boring, boring c) boring, bored b) bored, boring d) bored, bored

10. I’m trying to teach______English but I am very slow at

Doing this.

A) me c) mine

B) my d) myself

11. Learner drivers are not allowed to drive______.

A) on one’s own c) oneselves

B) themselves d) on their own

12. England______Germany in a volleyball match tomor­row.

A) is playing c) play

B) are playing d) played

13. When I got home I found I______my keys.

A) lost c) have lost

B) lose d) had lost

14.1 know he doesn’t smoke now but______he______?

A) did, use to smoke c) was, used to smoke

B) does, use to smoke d) is, used to smoke

15. You wouldn’t be so tired today if you______to bed when

I told you.

A) went c) had gone

B) have gone d) ’11 go

16.______United Kingdom consists of______Great Brit­ain and______Northern Ireland.

A) the, -, — c) the, —, the

B) -, the, — d) -, -, the

17. The winning goal______by Jones.

A) is scored c) was being scored

B) scores d) was scored

18.______crime is a problem in______most big cities.

A) -,- c) -, the

B) a, — d) the, —

19. "I thought the exam was easy." "______."

A) Neither did I c) So did I

B) So am I d) So was it

20. One day my mother told me she______our house and

______somewhere else to live.

A) sells, found c) had sold, founded

B) sold, had found d) had sold, had found

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