Тест 30

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1 He’ll send her a postcard when he______on holiday.

A) was c) ’11 be

B) were d) is

2. When you see her she______a red hat.

A) ’11 be wearing c) ’11 wear

B) wears d) wear

3.1 was astonished since I______so many people before.

A) didn’t see c) have seen

B) saw d) hadn’t seen

4. She is______intelligent but______lazy.

A) quite, rather c) rather, quite

B) quite, quite d) rather, rather

5. We stopped at_______pretty village on______way to


A) the, -, the c) a, the —

B) a, a, — d) the, a, —

6. Who was the last person______the office last night?

A) to leave c) left

B) has left d) leaving

7. That picture is______heavy to hang on the wall.

A) enough c) such

B)so d)too

8. We______a lot of famous people in the last few weeks.

A) have met c) had met

B) met d) meet

9. I had never expected to be offered the job, I was really

______when I was offered it.

A) amazing c) more amazing

B) amazed d) less amazed

10. You are always nervous and excited. Why don’t you relax ______more?

A) you c) yourself

B) yours d) —

11. We went on holiday with some friends of______.

A) ours c) us

B) our d) him

12. Could you give me a lift? Ten kilometres______too far

For me to walk.

A) are c) is

B) not d) aren’t

13. My secretary was late for work because she______in the

Traffic jam.

A) got stuck c) had got stuck

B) has got stuck d) was getting stuck

14. I know he doesn’t go out very often these days but ______he______out a lot?

A) did, use to go c) was, used to go

B) does, use to go d) is, used to go

15. If I knew where they were, I______you there now.

A) ’11 take c) would have taken

B) would take d) took

16.______Volga is______longest river in______Russia.

A) the, the, — c) the, a, —

B) -, the, — d) -, a, —

17. You can’t get into the park after 10 p. m. because the gates ______at 10 p. m. every night.

A) is close c) close

B) are closed d) are closing

18.1 much prefer______TV to______books.

A) watching, reading c) watch, read

B) to watch, to read d) to watch, reading

19. "I didn’t know that Ann was in hospital." "______."

A) So did I c) Neither did I

B) So was she d) Neither I did

20. It would be difficult for me______the work by the week­end.

A) to have finished c) finishing

B) to finish d) finish

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