Тест 3

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. I’d prefer______in the country rather than______in a


A) living, to live c) to live, live

B) to live, to live b) live, living

2. I’m very tired. I would rather not______out this evening,

If you don’t mind.

A) going c) to go

B) go d) went

3.1 would rather you______anyone what I said.

A) don’t tell c) not to tell

B) doesn’t tell d) didn’t tell

4.1 prefer______people to______letters.

A) to phone, to write c) to phone, writing

B) phoning, writing d) phoned, write

5.1 have to meet Tom in ten minutes. I had better______

Now or I’11 be late.

A) going c) go

B) to go d) went

6. It’s time the children______in bed. It’s long after their


A) were c) is being

B) are d) be

7. It’s high time men______to regard women as second-class citizens.

A) to cease c) ceased

B) is ceased d) ceasing

8. We couldn’t find Tom at first. In the end we found him ______in the garden.

A) sit c) to sit

b) sitting d) was siting

9. Do you think I have a chance______the examination?

A) to pass c) passing

B) of pass d) of passing

10. John would rather______to class yesterday than today.

A) have gone c) had gone

B) went d) was going

11. If I had time today I______to the theatre.

A) will go c) would go

B) will be gone d) go

12. If he were not so careless he______the train yesterday.

A) would not miss c) missed

B) would not have missed d) had not missed

13. What would you do if you______to live on the island?

A) would go c) would have gone

B) go d) went

14. The old lady dresses as if it______winter even in the


A) is c) were

B) was d) is being

15. He looked as though he______ten miles.

A) ran c) was running

B) had run d) is running

16. We wish that you______to the party tonight.

A) will come c) comes

B) could come d) come

17.1 wish that I______enough time to finish my home­work.

А) had b) have

С) had had d) was having

18.1 wish I______the clothes yesterday.

A) washed c) were washing

B) would wash d) had washed

19. You’re not going to pass the examination unless you ______harder.

A) don’t work c) didn’t work

B) work d) worked

20.1 saw him______into his car and______away.

A) get, drive c) was getting, driving

B) got, drove d) to get, drive

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