Тест 29

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. Can you look after my children while I______at work?

A) am c) would be

B)’ll be d)was

2. "Is it right if I come at eight?" "No, I______the film on


A) watch c) ’11 be watching

B) ’11 watch d) will have watched

3. He mustn’t eat too much. He is supposed_______on a


A) be c)to be

B) being d) is

4.1 didn’t get the job______I had all necessary qualifica­tions.

A) though c) despite

B) although d) in spite of

5.1 enjoyed______film but it was very cold in______cin­ema.

A) a, — c) a, the

B) the, a d) the, the

6. If the next train_______in time I will be in London a


A) has arrived c) arrives

B) to arrive d) has been arrived

7. The water wasn’t clean______to swim in.

A) enough c)such

B) so d) well

8. It______a lot last winter but it______much so far this


A) had snowed, hasn’t snowed

B) snowed, didn’t snow

C) snowed, hasn’t snowed

D) was snowing, didn’t snow

9. It’s sometimes______when you have to ask people for


A) embarrassing c) more embarrassing

B) embarrassed d) embarrassingly

10. "Can you repair my bicycle?" "Why don’t you do it


A) for you c) yourself

B) myself d) myself

11. A friend of______is coming next week to stay with me

For a few days.

A) me c) my

B) — d) mine

12. She was______-old woman, when she died.

A) forty years c) forty of years

B) forty years d) a forty-year

13. We arrived at the cinema late, the film_______already

A) was begun c) had begun

B) has begun d) was beginning

14.1 know he isn’t very rich now but______he______to

Be rich?

A) did, use c) was, used

B) does, use d) is, used

15. If we hadn’t missed the bus, we______in time.

A) would arrive c) would have arrived

B) will arrive d) can arrive

16.______friend of mine used to work as______driver Щ

______Far East.

A) a, a, the c) a, a, —

B) the, a, the d) a, a, the

17. This table is still dirty. It______yet.

A) has been cleaned c) was cleaned

B) hasn’t been cleaned d) wasn’t cleaned

18. Many children would rather______TV than read a


A) be watching c) watched

B) watch d) have watched

19. "I spent the whole evening reading." "______."

A) I did so c) So did I

B) So am I d) So do I

20. She left the room without______goodbye to anyone.

A) having to say c) say

B) saying d) being said

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