Тест 28

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Wait here until I______back.

A) don’t come c) am coming

B) come d) came

2. We’re late. The film________by the time we get to the


A) is finished c) will have finished

B) will be finished d) finishes

3. Money______the solution to any problem.

A) isn’t c) weren’t

B) aren’t d) haven’t been 4.1 couldn’t sleep______being very tired.

A) although c) in spite

B) despite d) though

5.______headquarters of_______United Nations is in

______New York.

A) the, the, — c) the, the, —

B) -, the, — d) -, -, —

6. If I have any more news, you’ll be the first______.

A) have known c) know

B) having known d) to know

7. We enjoyed our holiday. We had______good time.

A)such c)so

B) such a d)enough

8. She______last term but she______much so far this


A) studied, hasn’t studied b) has studied, hasn’t studied c) was studying, hasn’t studied

D) studied, didn’t study

9.1 enjoyed driving this morning. There was hardly______


A) no c) any

B) some d) much

10.______my parents is Russian. My father is Ukrainian

And my mother is Moldavian.

A) neither of c) both

B) neither d) both of

11. Some people are very selfish. They only think of______.

A) each other c) oneselves

B) one another d) themselves

12. We need at least six______people to play this game.

A) — c) an

B) the d) a

13. He______soccer since he was eight.

A) has played c) plays

B) played d) play

14.1 know he doesn’t sing these days but______he______

To sing?

A) did, use c) was, used

B) does, use d) is, used

15. She’ll have to fire him unless his work______.

A) doesn’t improve c) improves

B) be improved d) improve

16. My father visited______most countries in______.

Western Europe.

A) -, — ‘ c) the, the

B) the, — d) -, the

17. In future all private calls______from the new pay


A) are making c) will be made

B) were making d) will make

18. We______in the bar when a tall stranger came in.

A) were sitting c) are sitting

B) sat d) sit

19. "I should smoke less." "______."

A) I should too c) So should I

B) Neither I should d) So I should

20. This film is______good______the one I saw last week.

A) as, as c) rather, than

B) so, as d) not, as

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