Тест 27

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. You’ll feel better after you______something to eat.

A) ’11 have c) have

B) are having d) has

2. It’s nine o’clock. It’s quiet at school. The pupils______ a


A) will be having c) have had

B) have d) are having

3. When you have a car you don’t have______on public


A) relied c) rely

B) to rely d) been relying

4.1 couldn’t sleep______I was very tired.

A) although c) despite

B) as though d) in spite

5. Last year we had______lovely skiing holiday in______

Swiss Alps.

A) the, — c) a, the

B) a, — d) -, —

6. Who was the first man______the North Pole?

A) to reach c) having reached

B) reaching d) have reached

7.1 Like my neighbours. They are______nice people.

A) such a c) so

B) such d) enough

8. It’s the third time he______her this evening.

A) has phoned c) phone

B) phones d) phoning

9.1 hate this town. There is hardly______to do.

A) something c) nothing

B) much d) anything

10. There are two ways to the downtown. You can go______


A) either c) either of

B) both of d) neither

11. Be careful! That pan is very hot. Don’t burn______.

A) your c) yourselves

B) yourself d) himself

12. There are a lot of Brazilian television______on Russian


A) series c) a series

B) the series d) of series

13. She ______ around America for two months. She

______only two states so far.

A) travelled, has visited

B) was travelling, visited

C) has been travelling, has visited

D) has been travelling, visited

14.1 know she hasn’t got many friends now but______she

______to have many?

A) was, used c) is, used

B) did, use d) does, use

15. If she______he was going to be so angry about it, she

Wouldn’t have done it.

A) know c) has known

B) knows d) had known

16.______South of______United Kingdom is warmer


A) the, the, the b) the, -, the

С) -, the, — d) the, the, —

17. This blue cheese______locally for a very long time.

A) made c) has been made

B) was made d) were made

18. The passengers______no information about their flight

Since morning.

A) had c) have

B) were having d) have had

19. "I was ill yesterday." "______."

A) Neither do I c) So I was

B) So was I d) So am I

20. Since 1981 the number of passengers using the Tube ______by almost half.

A) has increased c) was increased

B) had been increased d) increased

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