Тест 26

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. When I______this book, you can have it.

A) ’11 have read c) ’11 be reading

B) ‘ve read d) ’11 have been reading

2. Next week he______to London on business.

A) is going c) goes

B) is going to go d) go

3. Are you going away_______the beginning of May or

______the end?

A) in, at c) at, at

B) in, in d) at, in

4.______what I said last night, I still respect you.

A) despite c) although

B) in spite d) though

5. Ann studies______than most of her groupmates.

A) hard c) harder

B) too hard d) hardly

6.1 enjoyed the football match. It was an exciting game

A) to watch c) watching

B) to watch it d) watch

7.1 haven’t seen him for______long time that I’ve forgot­ten what he looks like.

A) such c) so

B) such a d)enough

8. It’s the second time the car______down this month.

A) has broken c) broke

B) breaks d) breaking

9. We used to be good friends, but we hardly______see each

Other now.

A) never c) ever

B) much d) any when

10. "Which of the two films did you prefer?" "Actually I didn’t like______them."

A) either of c) neither of

B) either d) neither

11. That knife is very sharp. Be careful! Don’t cut______.

A) you c) herself

B) yourself d) himself

12. Mary was______old girl when she entered the univer­sity.

A) twenty years c) twenty of years

B) twenty-year d) a twenty-year-

13. They______in the Crimea for two years when they de­cided to move to another place.

A) were living c) had been living

B) have lived d) have been living

14.1 know they go to the cinema quite often now but______

They______to go there two years ago?

A) were, used c) are, used

B) did, use d) do, use

15. I’ll only go if he______.

A) apologizes c) ’11 apologize

B) apologize d) is apologizing

16. Last year we visited______Netherlands and _


A) the, — c) -, the

B) -, — d) the, the

17. They were allowed to return after the bomb______safe.

A) was made c) has made

B) made d) had been made

18. We______hard since morning but we_______nearly


A) have been working, are

B) worked, were

C) have been working, have

D) worked, will be

19. "I’ve never been to England." "______."

A) Neither do I c) Neither am I

B) Neither have I d) I do too

20. Few appeared______problems finding their way around

The Tube.

A) to have had c) having

B) to have d) having had

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