Тест 24

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. When I______shopping I’ll buy some food.

A) go c) are going

B) ’11 go d) went

2. Next year is my parents’ 20th wedding anniversary. They ______married for 20 years.

A) have c) will have

B) are d) will have been

3. Tom sounded as if he______.

A) worry c) was worried

B) worried d) is worried

4.1 didn’t get the job______my qualifications.

A) despite c) though

B) although d) in spite

5. My backache is______painful than it was yesterday.

A) least c) most

B) more d) the more

6. Jill is very interesting______.

A) to talk c) to talk to her

B) to talk to d)talk

7. She is a very attractive girl. She’s got_______beautiful


A)such c)so

B) such a d)enough

8.1______this morning but I’m going to have a snack in a


A) didn’t eat c) have eaten

B) not ate d) haven’t eaten

9. He is not very popular. Hardly______likes him.

A) anyone c) few

B) someone d) everyone

10. After the accident______cars stopped.______drivers

Got out and started shouting at each other.______them

Were aggressive.

A) both, both, both c) both, both, both of

B) both of, both, both d) both, both of, both

11. They stood in front of the mirror and looked at .

A) each other c) them

B) one another d) themselves

12. Yesterday I bought______bag of potatoes.

A) five-kilo c) five kilos

B) a five-kilo d) the five-kilos

13. When I get to the house, everybody______to bed.

A) will have gone c) had gone

B) has gone d) went

14.1 know they don’t spend a lot of money now but______

They______to spend it much?

A) were, used c) are, used

B) did, use d) do, use

15. If I______home in time my parents______me go out

All month.

A) come, would let c) came, would let

B) ’11 come, let d) would come, would let

16. Nick is______student at______university of______


A) a, the, — c) —, the, —

B) the, a, — d) a, the, the

17. The pen I lost______in Hong Kong.

A) was made c) had been made

B) had made d) is making

18. Your secretary______to contact you urgently since


A) has been trying c) is trying

B) tried d) tries

19. "I couldn’t get up early this morning." "______»

A) So I could c) Neither I could

B) So could I d) Neither could I

20. She was sure______nothing bad with her homework.

A) there is c) there was

B) it was d) it wasn’t

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