Тест 23

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. If it______this evening, I won’t go out.

A) rain c) rains

B) ’11 rain d) rained

2. Will you______the bank when you go out?

A) be passing c) have passed

B) pass d) to pass

3. Tom fell as he______out of the window.

A) climbed c) was climbing

B) climbes d) is climbing

4.______it rained a lot, we enjoyed our holiday.

A) although c) in spite of

B) though d) despite

5. Health and happiness are______important than money.

A) least c) most

B) more d) the more

6. Do you think this water is safe______?

A) to drink c) drinking

B) drink d) for drinking

7. It was______boring film that I fell asleep in the middle of


A) such c)enough

B) so d) such a

8.1______a bicycle yet but I’m going to buy it next month.

A) have bought c) didn’t buy

B) haven’t bought d) bought

9. The weather was good during our holiday. There was hardly______rain.

A) any c) some

B) no d) much

10 There is a shortage of water because there has been very ______rain recently.

A) a little c) little

B) much d) few

11. He climbed out of the pool, picked up a towel and dried

A) him c) himself

B) myself d) herself

12. He learned how to swim when he was______old boy.

A) ten years c) ten of years

B) ten-year — d) a ten-year-

13.1 was glad to see my friend again whom I______for five


A) have seen c) didn’t see

B) hadn’t seen d) haven’t seen

14.1 don’t eat fatty food now but I______a lot of creamy


A) used to eat c) used to eating

B) used eating d) didn’t use to eat

15. If you______yellow and green, you______orange.

A) ’11 mix, get c) ’11 mix, ’11 get

B) mix, get d) to mix, to get

16.______British Prime Minister lives in______Downing


A) the, the c) the, —

B) a, — d) a, the

17. A decision______until the next meeting.

A) is taken b) will not be taken

С) will take d) is taken

18. What are the children doing at home? They are supposed ______at school.

A) be c) to be being

B) to have been d) to be

19. "I’m feeling tired." "______."

A) Neither do I c) I am either

B) So am I d) So I am

20. The expectations of what computers can do______over

The years.

A) have changed c) had changed

B) have been changed d) were changed

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