Тест 22

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. If she______soon, I’m not going to wait.

A) come c) don’t come

B) comes d) doesn’t come

2. Tomorrow at five o’clock, he______football.

A) ’11 play c) ’11 be playing

B) plays d) play

3. A dog______out in front of the car when we were driving

Along the road.

A) ran c) has run

B) runs d) was running

4.______he has a very responsible job, he isn’t well-paid.

A) even though c) in spite of

B) although d) despite

5. You are always tired in the morning. You should go to bed

A) earlier c) more early

B) early d) the earlier

6. Your writing is impossible______.

A) for reading c) to read

B) reading d) read

7. The wind was______strong, it was difficult to sail.

A) such c) too

B)enough d) so

8. It’s the last time he______her about his plans.

A) has told c) tells

B) is telling d) have told

9.1 listen to the radio a lot but I hardly______watch televi­sion.

A) never c) ever

B) much d) any when

10. The concert hall was almost empty. There were very ______people there.

A) few c) little

B) many d) a lot

11. My friend and I don’t see______very often these days.

A) themselves c) —

B) ourselves d) each other

12. It was______flight to Moscow.

A) three-hours c) three of hours

B) a three-hour d) three-hour

13. They couldn’t come to the party yesterday because they ______already______to do something else.

A) had arranged c) are arranging

B) have arranged d) were arranging

14. I know he stopped jogging now but he______every


A) used to jog c) used to jogging

B) used jogging d) was used to jog

15. If I_______home late, my parents won’t let me go out

Again all month.

A) ’11 come c) came

B) would come d) come

16._____nicest park in_____London is_____St. James’s

Park near_____Buckingham Palace.

A) the, -, -, — c) the, -, the, —

B) a, -, -, — d) the, -, -, the

17. Cheese______from milk.

A) makes c) are made

B) is made d) made

18. The Prime Minister is supposed______in favour of the

New law.

A) be c) to be

B) having been d) being

19. "I don’t like chocolate." "______."

A) So I do c) Neither do I

B) So do I d) Neither I do

20. Computers are unlikely______totally human being.

A) to replace c) will replace

B) replace d) will not replace

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