Тест 21

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Не failed the exams only______times.

A) plenty c) little

B) few d) a few

2. The train______in two minutes.

A) arrives c) is arriving

B) will arrive d) to arrive

3.1______you a message as soon as I______money.

A) will fax, get c) will fax, will get

B) fax, get d) fax, will get

4. We are late. I expect the play_______by the time we

______to the theatre.

A) will have started, will get

B) will be starting, will get

C) will start, get

D) will have started, get

5. The traffic was so heavy that we______the train.

A) are missing c) miss

B) ’11 miss d) missed

6. They denied______the jewels.

A) stealing c) stole

B) to steal d) stealing of

7. That film is awful. It’s not worth______.

A) to see c) saw

B) seeing d) seen

8. If you are feeling unwell you______better go to bed.

A) will c) had

B) would d) might

9 you’ll be staying at home until you______better.

A) will feel c) feel

B) won’t feel d) felt

10 You’re driving______fast. Please slow down.

A) too many c) too much

B) above d) enough

11. I’m really exhausted! I’m not used to______so hard.

A) work c) worked

B) working d) have worked

12.1______doctors for several years before my illness was


A) was visiting c) visited

B) had been visiting d) have been visiting

13. The forecast says we can expect______nasty weather.

A) several c) a few

B) a d) some

14. We’ve_______ you about being absent from school,

Haven’t we?

A) warned c) warn

B) been warned d) warning

15. Today’s news means thousands are likely_______their


A) lose c) will lose

B) to lose d) have lost

16. If you invited me to the party tomorrow I______.

A) will come c) would come

B) am coming d) have come

17. Some people just can’t help______fools of themselves.

A) making c) made

B) make d) to be made

18. Are you thinking______buying a new car?

A) about c) against

B) in d) on

19. You’ll have to get used______less.

A) to eat c) eat

B) to eating d) eating

20. When we were on______holiday we stayed at______


A) -, а с) а, а

B) the, a d) a, the

21.1 went out and took an umbrella with______.

A) myself c) mine

B) me d) it

22.1 went to see the doctor______told me to rest for a few


A) who c) which

B) that d) whom

23. That is______story I’ve ever heard.

A) funny c) funnier

B) funniest d) the funniest

24. That coat is______to the one I bought last week.

A) the same c) like

B) identical d) alike

25. If she______a seat-belt, she would have been injured in

The crash.

A) had worn c) hadn’t been wearing

B) had been wearing d) was wearing

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