Тест 20

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1 While John______a car, his wife was doing the laundiy.

A) was repairing c) has been repairing

B) repaired d) had repaired

2______pupils spend ______ their free time doing


A) most, most of c) most of, most of

B) most, most d) most of, most

3. She risked______everything.

A) to lose c) losing

B) loss d) loose

4.1 couldn’t help______when she dropped the ice-cream

On her dress.

A) laugh c) laughing

B) to laugh d) laughed

5. I’ve got______high temperature and a runny nose.

A) an c) the

B)a d) —

6. There is terrible inflation and prices______all the time.

A) are rising c) rose

B) are raising d) raised

7. After five hours of negotiations they agreed______price.

A) for c) of

B) in d) on

8- When the factory closed most of the staff______redun­dant.

A) were made c) making

B) make d) are made

9. I_______the paper before the train compartment filled


A) was reading c) read

B) had been reading d) have been reading

10. Our manager has found an excellent_______abroad.

A) employment c) post

B) work d) staffing

11. The players were not so well prepared_______the match

As they should have been.

A) for c) with

B) about d) on

12. This time next week I_______in the sun in Greece.

A) lie c) ’11 be lying

B) am lying d) ’11 lay

13. If I_______where she lived I wouldn’t have phoned you.

A) know c) knew

B) ’11 know d) had known

14.1 really can’t imagine_______tonight.

A) coming c) came

B) come d) to be coming

15. My parents never approved_______playing cards.

A) against c) of

B) for d) —

16.1 prefer_______to_______by train.

A) to drive, travel c) driving, travelling

B) driving, travel d) to drive, to travel

17. There is_______beautiful garden behind_______house.

_______roof of_______house is leaking.

A) a, the, the, the c) a, the, a, the

B) a, a, the, the d) a, a, a, a

18 I haven’t read_______of these books but Pete has read

_______of them.

A) no, any c) some, some

B) no, some d) any, some

19.1 don’t read_______I used to.

A) not much c) so much as

B) as much as d) so much

20. Do you think I could offer you_______?

A) an advice c) advise

B) advises d) some advice

21. Her skin was so sensitive_______that she never uses soap.

A) an c) —

B)the d)a

22. She soon got_______to driving on the left.

A) uses c) used

B) to be used d) a

23. Everybody is here_______for Nick.

A) apart c) instead

B) except d) besides

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