Тест 2

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. If it is fine tomorrow, we______for a swim.

A) may go c) ought go

B) must to go d) would go

2. He said if he______her address, he would write her.

A) will find out c) found out

B) finds out d) find out

3. No matter how hard you try, you______me you’re right.

A) don’t convince c) aren’t convinced

B) won’t convince d) couldn’t convince

4. If he had asked me what to do, everything______differ­ent.

A) could be c) could have been

B) could had been d) was

5. But for the rain we______joined you.

A) would c) would had

B) would have d) would have to

6. He looks so pale as if he______Ш for a long time.

A) were ‘ c) is

B) has been d) had been

7. If only he______more, then he’d get a good mark.

A) had revised c) ‘d revise

B) revises d) ’11 revise

8-1 wish I______so busy yesterday.

A) wasn’t c) weren’t

B) hadn’t been d) hasn’t been

9- If I______better qualified, I______for the job.

A) were, would apply

B) were, would have applied

C) am, would to apply

D) was, would had applied

10. Unless we______a taxi, we will miss the train.

A) have taken c) took

B) would take d) take

11. He looked at me as if he______me.

A) wouldn’t recognize c) didn’t recognize

B) hasn’t recognized d) hadn’t recognized

12. Even if you_______me $10,000, I still______this


A) gave, don’t buy

B) give, didn’t buy

C) gave, wouldn’t buy

D) had given, wouldn’t bought

13. Unless you______borrowing money, you______in


A) will stop, will be c) will stop, are

B) stop, will be d) stop, are

14.1______you a ring as soon as I______back.

A) will give, got c) will give, get

B) give, will get d) would give, get

15. It’s very late. It’s about time we______home.

A) go c) went

B) have gone d) had gone

16. If I______you, I wouldn’t have paid so much money for

This dress.

A) were c) has been

B) am d) had been

17. Assuming it’s a holiday on Monday, we______to the


A) can go c) would go

B) could go d) went

18.1 wish they______our neighbours.

A) aren’t c) don’t be

B) wasn’t d) weren’t

19.1______you stay up and watch TV tonight provided that

You______your homework first.

A) could let, finish c) let, will finish

B) will let, finish d) let, would finish

20. What______if you______Prime Minister?

A) did you do, would be c) would you do, were

B) do you do, will be d) will you do, was

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