Тест 19

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1._______mass media can take_______active role during

_______election campaigns.

A) —, a, the c) the, a, —

B) The, an, — d) -, -, —

2.______Urals are in______Russia.

A) -, — c)the, —

B) The, the d) -, the

3. The home-made food always tastes______.

A) well c) very well

B) Good d) quite well

4. He is a brilliant student. He works really______.

A) good c) hard

B) fastly d) hardly

5.1 am not very good______in public.

A) at speaking c) speak

B) speaking d) to speak

6. It’s no use______over spilt milk.

A) to cry c) cry

B) crying d) have cried

7. By the time the police______, the jewels______.

A) arrived, had been stolen

B) arrived, had stolen

C) will arrive, have been stolen

D) arrives, were stolen

8. If you know the answer to the question______your hand-

A) rise c) rose

B) raise d) risen

О The magazine comes out four times______year.

A) the с) а

B) one d) in

10. I’m going to retire when I______60.

A) will be c) have been

B) would be d) am

11. It began to rain just after the party______.

A) had started c) started

B) has started d) starts

12. I’m afraid we can’t serve______before six o’clock.

A) beer c) some beer

B) the beer d) no beer

13.______boy will admit that he caused all the damage.

A) neither c) none

B) both d) several

14. It was difficult at first to be used______every day.

A) at working c) to work

B) to working d) in working

15. He is supposed______but I don’t think he will.

A) come c) to come

B) coming d) ’11 come

16. If we had had a map we______lost.

A) wouldn’t get d) didn’t get

B) would get d) got

17. You don’t fancy______out when it is raining.

A) come c) to come

B) came d) coming

18. Finally we succeeded______finding a good flat at a rea­sonable price.

A) on b) in

С) for d) of

19. When he came to America he______getting up early

Because of the jet lag.

A) wasn’t used to c) used

B) didn’t use to d) used to

20.1 think it’s time the government______something about


A) to do c) did

B) doing d) to have done

21. The party was great. We enjoyed______very much.

A) ourselves c) us

B) themselves d) them

22. That man over there,______name I don’t remember, is

A politician.

A) what c) which

B) that d) whose

23. This is_______difficult decision I’ve had to make for


A) most c) the more

B) more d) the most

24.______her illness, she decided to go to school.

A) in spite c) however

B) although d) despite

25. If you don’t know a word, you can______in the dictio­nary.

A) see it up c) make it up

B) follow it up d) look it up

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