Тест 18

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

J Black Americans didn’t enjoy full voting rights in______

Southern United States until the civil rights movement of ______1960s.

A)the, the c)the, —

B) -, the d) -, —

2. His car is______than his friend’s.

A) as expensive c) most expensive

B) less expensive d) the most expensive

3. Listen! Ann______the piano in the next room. She ‘

______for two hours.

A) plays, has been playing

B) is playing, plays

C) is playing, has been playing

D) played, has been playing

4.______200 people applied for the job.

A) nearly c) besides

B) beside d) edge

5.1 don’t mind______at the weekend.

A) work c) working

B) to work d) any work

6.1 can’t stand______in the rush hour.

A) drive c) to drive

B) driving d) driven

7. Maria has been living on the farm______ 1999.

A) since c) in

B) for d) during

8. Can you______the table for me?

A) to lay b) lain

С) lay ‘ d) laying

9. It’s got nothing to do with you. Mind your own______.

A) business c) interest

B) company d) affairs

10. He spent the______day looking for a flat.

A) all c) every

B) total d) whole

11. If you do your homework______you’ll fail the course.

A) care c) careless

B) carefully d) carelessly

12.______cigarettes aren’t as popular as they used to be.

A) the c) some

B) — d) no

13. You’re travelling with much less______than usual.

A) suitcases c) handbag

B) luggage d) packages

14. The landlady is always______at them about the rent.

A) complaining c) asking

B) shouting d) arguing

15. You______to him like that. It was very rude of you.

A) should speak c) should have spoken

B) didn’t have to speak d) shouldn’t have spoken

16. If I were you I______this lie.

A) wouldn’t have told c) told

B) won’t tell d) am telling

17. My doctor has advised______more exercise.

A) to make c) do

B) to do d) doing

18. He insisted______calling the police.

A) for c) on

B) of d) with

19. He had no difficulty______a job.

A) of finding c) to find

B) finding d) find

20. It’s time you______to the dentist.

A) to go c) went

B) go d) going

21. The old lady sat in the armchair talking to______.

A) herself c) her

B) myself d) himself

22.1 recently went back to the town______I was born.

A) when c) that

B) which d) where

23. It was one of______experiences of my life.

A) the worst c) worse

B) worst d) the worse

24.______hard he tried, he still couldn’t cope with the task.

A) although c) though

B) despite d) however

25.1 asked how long they______when the train arrived.

A) waited c) had been waiting

B) had waited d) were waiting

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