Тест 17

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. There______too much bad news on TV yesterday.

A) was c) is

B) are d) has been

2. Could you give me______glass of______milk with


A) a, -, a c) a, the, —

B) the, the, — d) -, the, —

3. On our trip to______Australia we crossed______Pacific


A) the, — c) -, the

B) an, the d) -, —

4.______you introduce me to your friend as soon as she


A) do, comes c) will, comes

B) will, come d) are, comes

5. There is no school uniform. The pupils can wear______

They like.

A) whoever c) whenever

B) however d) whatever

6. I’m going on a diet tomorrow. I need______some weight.

A) to lose c) to have lost

B) lose d) losing

7. I spent______money last month that I had to go to the


A) much c) so much

B) little d) so many

8. When I was a child I______play football everyday.

A) use b) am used

C) was used d) used to 9 I didn’t need any help. I did it______my own.

A) for c) on

B) with d) by

10. The party______by the time I______there.

A) had finished, get c) had finished, got

B) finished, got d) finished, had got

11. We are thinking seriously______here if we can find a


A) move c) moving

B) of moving d) to move

12. She______the key so I climbed through a window.

A) didn’t leave c) had left

B) hasn’t left d) hadn’t left

13. The landlord was not______about all the repairs.

A) satisfied c) think

B) worried d) prepared

14. By the time I retire I______here for twenty years.

A) ’11 be working c) ’11 have worked

B) ’11 work d) work

15. I’ll cook______that you wash up.

A) if c) even if

B) provided d) if only

16. The plane is expected______an hour ago.

A) to land c) landing

B) to have landed d) land

17 I’m looking______passing all my exams.

A) forward c) forward to

B) to d) into

18. I’d rather you______anyone what I said.

A) not tell c) not to tell

B) didn’t tell d) don’t tell

19. We live in______small flat near______centre of


A) a, the, the c) a, the, a

B) the, a, the d) a, a, a

20. She is very secretive. She never tells_____________.

A) somebody anything c) nobody nothing

B) anybody something d) anybody anything

21. My salary isn’t______yours.

A) as high c) so high

B) as high as d) so high as

22. Finally they managed to______him to change his mind.

A) advise c) make

B) insist d) persuade

23.1 could arrive on time______of the traffic jam.

A) despite c) although

B) in spite d) however

24. Her father wouldn’t let me______to her.

A) speak c) to speak

B) speaking d) to have spoken

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