Тест 16

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1 Five days______week I go to work by train.

A) of c) in

B) the d) a

2. While I was skiing I______and broke my wrist.

A) fell c) fall

B) was falling d) have fallen

3.1______what you are talking about.

A) am not understanding c) didn’t understand

B) not understand d) don’t understand

4. He has______time left.

A) many c) few

B) much d) a few

5. He______on his report since morning. He______the

First two sentences.

A) has been working, has written

B) has worked, wrote

C) had worked, had written

D) was working, wrote

6.1 don’t care who comes to the party. You can bring______

You like.

A) whoever c) whenever

B) whatever d) however

7. You need to score______55 % to pass the exam.

A) at c) the latest

B) at least d) the least

8- That’s______restaurant I’ve ever been to.

A) worst c) the worst

B) bad D) Worse

9. When I was younger I_______watch a lot of TV.

A) use c) used

B) am used d) used to

10. The road is icy, so drive_______.

A) care c) careful

B) carefully d) carelessly

11. You can’t blame me_______what happened.

A) of c) for

B) on d) in

12. It’s no_______trying to persuade her.

A) point c) use

B) advantage d) benefit

13. As we approached we_______smell something burning.

A) can c) may

B) were able d) could

14. It’s time we_______a holiday. We deserve a break.

A) had c) to have

B) have d) are having

15.1 don’t think you can_______on him doing this task.

A) rely c) hope

B) expect d) dependent

16.1 am going to finish this composition even if I_______up

All night.

A) had to stay c) have to stay

B) ’11 have to stay d) ’11 stay

17. We’ve taken on twenty new_______this year already.

A) employing c) employees

B) employer d) employers

18. How can she afford_______on holiday twice a year?

A) to go c) go

B) going d) to be going

19. He apologized_______making such a noise.

A) of c) for

B) against d) from

20. I’d rather you_______with us.

A) come c) coming

B) to come d) came

21. Did _______ police find _______ person who stole


A) the, the, the c) the, a, the

B) a, the, the d) the, the, a

22. The prisoners refused to eat_______.

A) something c) anything

B) some d) nothing

23.______he waited_______nervous he became.

A) long, much c) the longer, the more

B) longer, more d) longest, most

24.______he wasn’t keen on the idea, he agreed to partici­pate.

A) although c) despite

B) however d) in spite of

25. It is always difficult for older people_______job.

A) finding c) to find

B) find d) to have found

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