Тест 15

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. When we______at the city centre, I’ll get off the train.

A) arrive c) have arrived

B) will arrive d) have to arrive

2. This month the cost of living______by three percent.

A) raised c) has risen

B) rose d) is raised

3. Use your time______. Don’t waste it.

A) sensible c) sensibility

B) sense d) sensibly

4. He would like______pepper in salad.

A) a few c) few

B) a little d) many

5. When I______home my brother______to school.

A) come, went c) ’11 come, had gone

B) came, went d) came, had gone

6. You must carry your ID______you go.

A) whatever c) wherever

B) whenever d) whoever

7. Have you heard______news?

A) at last c) the latest

B) at least d) the least

8. You should______yourself every morning.

A) weight c) weigh

B) weights d) weighed

9.1 used______meat, but now I’m a vegetarian.

A) to eat c) eat

B) to eating d) eating

10. Don’t panic! We’ve got______time.

A) many c) several

B) lots d) plenty of

11.1 love jazz and so______she.

A) does c) did

B) do d) has done

12. If you______me she was a vegetarian I would not have

Cooked this meal.

A) had told c) tell

B) have told d) did tell

13. The police______identify the body yet.

A) have not been able to c) can

B) will be able to d) could

14.1 wish we______more time. I really wanted to stay.

A) had c) have

B) had had d) ’11 have

15. Our teacher is______our slow progress.

A) concerning c) concerned about

B) concerned with d) concern

16.1 will return the book to you as soon as I______it.

A) read c) have read

B) reading d) am reading

17. It’s really not worth waiting. They______have been

Here hours ago.

A) should c) ought

B) can d) can’t

18. He kept us______outside.

A) waiting c) waited

B) wait d) to wait

19. They accused me______driving too fast.

A) for c) against

B) in d) of

20.1 congratulated my mother______her birthday.

A) with c) on

B) for d) of

21. Shall we go by train? Well, I’d______by car.

A) prefer go c) prefer going

B) rather to go d) rather go

22. When you turn into______Tverskaya Street, you will see

Two houses:______red one and______grey one.

A) -, а, а с) а, а, а

B) the, a, a d) -, the, the

23. Some people are selfish. They only think of______.

A) themselves c) ourselves

B) yourselves d) them

24.______I got to know him______I liked him.

A) much, much c) more, more

B) much, more d) the more, the more

25. "I don’t like watching soap operas." "______."

A) Neither do I c) Either do I

B) So do I d) I don’t like it too

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