Тест 14

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1.__ sewage into oceans and rivers is a serious form of


A) having dumped c) dumped

B) being dumped d) dumping

2. Since ancient times, iron______to human beings.

A) is known c) is being known

B) has been known d) has been knowing

3. The President worked so hard that his______away from

His desk was rare.

A) has been c) being

B) was d) to be

4. You’d better______from work tomorrow.

A) not be absent c) not to be absent

B) not to absent d) not absenting

5. Last year floods in Europe destroyed______2,000 build­ings.

A) many c) just as

B) the same as d) as many as

6- Who______in the office when I______you?

A) were you talking to, phoned

B) did you talk to, phoned

C) were you talking, phoned

D) talked to, was phoning

7 You’ll never jump three metres______hard you try.

A) whoever c) whenever

B) however d) wherever

8- He bought me______expensive ring he could find.

A) at last b) at least

С) the latest d) the least

9. I’ll put on an overcoat in case it______.

A) is raining c) rains

B) rain d) will rain

10. I’m used______my own shirts. I have to look after my­self.

A) ironing c) iron

B) to ironing d) to iron

11. We can’t offer you a sandwich because we’ve run______


A) away from c) out from

B) off with d) out of

12. They want______for an interview next week.

A) she will come c) that she comes

B) her coming d) her to come

13. She carried on dancing in______of the pain.

A) spirit c) split

B) spite d) despite

14. We_______wear what we liked at school when we were


A) can c) weren’t allowed

B) are allowed to d) weren’t allowed to

15. I wish we______a few more days, I’d like to see more


A) had had c) had

B) have d) ’11 have

16. There was not enough______for four in the flat.

A) room c) area

B) place d) measurement

17.1 doubt if she______you. You’ve really changed.

A) recognized c) ’11 recognize

B) had recognized d) has recognized

18. The train______have arrived or I would have seen her.

A) mustn’t c) should

B) can’t d) should not

19.1 can’t imagine______a computer at work now.

A) not having c) have

B) having d) to have

20. The arrested man was suspected______robbing a bank.

A) for c) in

B) of d) against

21. I’d rather you______the dinner now.

A) cook c) cooking

B) to cook d) cooked

22. We live in _______ old house in _______ middle of


A) an, the, the c) an, a, the

B) a, the, the d) an, the, a

23. Did the children enjoy_______when they were on holi­day?

A) themselves c) yourself

B) ourselves d) yourselves

24.______goods you sell_______profit you’ll make.

A) many, much c) the more, the more

B) more, more d) much, many

25. They______Great Britain several times but this will be

Their first trip to Ireland.

A) visit c) have visited

B) are visiting d) have been visiting

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