Тест 13

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. She also wrote poetry______articles for the local news­paper.

A) alongside she wrote c) as well as writing

B) beside writing d) besides writing

2. The department ordered______new furniture to redeco­rate its office.

A) many c) a large amount of

B) a large number of d) several

3. Since the beginning of time, women______of as inferior

To men.

A) are thought c) think

B) have been thought d) were thought

4. It was evening. My mother______TV and I______


A) watched, did

B) was watching, was doing

C) watched, was doing

D) was watching, did

5. Did you______all the homework?

A) make c) do

B) done d) made

6. Please, don’t disturb me while I______.

A) am eating c) ate

B) eat d) was eating

7. They won’t go swimming if it______.

A) is raining c) rains

B) rain d) will be raining

8. She’s used______. She does it every day.

A) jogging c)jog

B) to jogging d) to jog

9. I______that if I were you.

A) won’t do c) hadn’t done

B) wouldn’t do d) haven’t done

10. What do the initials U. N.O.______?

A) stand up for c) stand by

B) stand up to d) stand for

11.1 felt a bit______after dinner, but now I am awake.

A) sleeping c) sleepy

B) asleep d) slept

12. He______your credit card without your knowing.

A) may be used c) is to use

B) might be using d) use

13.______important piece of______equipment is miss­ing.

A) an, — c) -, —

B) a, — d) the, the

14. One important______about the crime had been over­looked.

A) information c) evidence

B) detail d) knowledge

15.1 work______than anyone but no one seems to notice.

A) harder c) hardly

B) hard d) more hard

16.______the lesson have started already? It’s only 8.

A) must c) ought

B) can d) couldn’t

17- You don’t mind us______along, do you?

A) to come b) come

С) came d) coming

18. What prevented him______meeting us?

A) from c) against

B) of d) in

19. I need a bottle-opener______this bottle.

A) for opening c) to open

B) open d) opening

20. I saw______accident this morning.______driver of

______car was not badly hurt.

A) an, the, the c) an, a, the

B) a, the, the d) an, the, an

21. "Who told you Maria was getting married?" "Maria ______told me."

A) herself c) yourself

B) himself d) myself

22.______we leave,______we will arrive.

A) early, soon c) early, sooner

B) earlier, soon d) the earlier, the sooner

23. Your hair is______colour as mine.

A) identical c) the same

B) looking d) as

24. Don’t worry, there’s______of time. We won’t be late.

A) enough c) many

B) plenty d) much

25. Her tastes are very______to mine.

A) alike c) the same

B) similar d) like

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