Тест 12

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

I After a day’s work in the lab, all the______were covered

With iodine.

A) student’s hands c) students’ hands

B) students hands d) student’s hand

2.______people study Greek seriously while most prefer

Spanish, Italian and the like.

A) little c) many

B) few d) much of

3. We cannot believe that he is the man_______saved you

From drowning.

A) that c) who

B) whom d) which

4. It is the best film I______lately.

A) saw c) see

B) ‘II see d) have seen

5. Stop______that noise!

A) to make c) making

B) make d) doing

6. You have_______a driving test before you can get a li­cence.

A) passed c) been passed

B) to pass d) pass

7-1 won’t pay you unless you______the job.

A) don’t complete c) won’t complete

B) will complete d) complete

8- They are used______lies.

A) telling c) tell

B) to telling d) to tell

9. It_______us four hours to do all the homework.

A) wanted c) lasted

B) needed d)took

10. Don’t lie to me!_______me the truth!

A) speak c) explain

B) say d) tell

11. I’m really looking forward_______the exam.

A) to take c) to taking

B) to have taken d) taking

12. He_______! The car is not worth that much.

A) must be joking c) mustn’t joke

B) must joke d) must to joke

13. I’ve heard_______piece of_______news that might in­terest you.

A) an, — c) -, —

B) a, — d) the, the

14. The company had to hire a van to move_______furni­ture.

A) those c) a little

B) a d) another

15. Unemployment_______to record levels last month.

A) rose c) has risen

B) raised d) has raised

16. This is her bag on the table, so I suppose she_______have


A) should c) would

B) couldn’t d) must

17. You should avoid_______during the rush hour.

A) to drive c) drive

B) driving d) driven

Ig. I thanked my friends_______being so cooperative.

A) for c) on

B) of d) to

19. I’m going to England_______English.

A) for learning c) to learn

B) learning d) to be learnt

20. We went out for_______meal last night._______restau­rant we went to was_______excellent place.

A) a, the, an с) а, а, а

B) the, a, an d) the, the, the

21. "Who cut your hair for you?" "Nobody. I cut it_______."

A) myself c) himself

B) herself d) yourself

22.1 have sent him two letters,_______has arrived.

A) neither c) both of which

B) neither of which d) both

23. That’s_______cheese I’ve ever tasted for a long time.

A) the best c) good

B) better d) best

24. Our jobs are different but her salary is_______as mine.

A) similar c) like

B) alike d) the same

25. Next year’s congress is going_______in New York.

A) to hold c) to be held

B) holding d) hold

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