Тест 11

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. If we______salt, the soup would have been tastier.

A) add c) don’t add

B) could add d) had added

2. You______better study a lot next week if you want to get

Through that exam.

A) should c) will

B) had d) must

3. Your friends won’t be late,______?

A) won’t they c) isn’t it

B) will they d) is it

4. Where is Pete? I______him today. I think he______ill.

A) haven’t seen, has fallen c) haven’t seen, fell

B) didn’t see, fell d) saw, fell

5. She speaks three languages______English.

A) besides c) edge

B) beside d) nearly

6. She______to get up at 5.30 every morning.

A) have c) has

B) must d) can

7.1 won’t speak to her until she______.

A) apologizes c) won’t apologize

B) doesn’t apologize d) apologized

8. That new job is really hard, but you’ll soon get used ______ten hours a day.

A) working c) to work

B) to working d) work

9. Could you______me a favour?

A) do c) give

B) make d) offer

10 I______taken my umbrella. There wasn’t a drop of rain

All day.

A) didn’t need c) could have

B) must have d) needn’t have

11. The driver became really______when I refused to pay.

A) anger c) more angry

B) angrily d) angry

12. I’m afraid there isn’t really______advice I can give.

A) much с) а

B) another d) an

13.1 had no idea that parking would prove so _______


A) great c) many

B) much d) few

14. My friend was______about having to sing in public.

A) bored c) tired

B) embarrassed d) useless

15. She______have thought we were out. That’s why she

Left a message.

A) must c) could

B) can d) should

16. Haven’t you finished______your house yet?

A) to build c) build

B) building d) built

17. They warned us______buying a second-hand car. It is

Not reliable.

A) about c) for

B) against d) in

18. She is a bit lonely. She’s got nobody______.

A) to talk to c) to talk

B) talk to d) talking

19.1 saw______film last night. It was about______ soldier

And______beautiful girl.

A) a, the, a c) a, the, the

B) the, the, a d) the, the, the

20. I got up, shaved______, washed______, arid dressed

A) myself, -, myself c) -, myself, —

B) -, -, — d) -, -, myself

21. We spent a pleasant day by the river,_______we had a


A) where c) what

B) which d) that

22. You are______friend I’ve ever had.

A) good c) the best

B) best d) better

23. You must treat all children______and not have any fa­vourites.

A) alike c) the same

B) like d) similar

24. If you’d______breakfast you wouldn’t be hungry now.

A) rather c) had

B) better d) eat

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