Тест 10

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Travellers’ checks are useful when one______because

They are always accepted.

A) travel c) has travelled

B) is travelling d) was travelled

2. We usually expect that______bring bad news.

A) a telegram c) telegrams

B) telegram d) the telegram

3. Had I run out of gas, I______called the garage.

A) had c) would

B) would have d) should have

4. It is very quiet at school. The lessons______. The pupils


A) began, have c) have begun, are having

B) begin, are having d) are beginning, have

5. The restaurant is______the post office.

A) besides c) nearly

B) beside d) edge

6. By the time I arrive I’m just too______to work.

A) tiring c) tired

B) tyre d) tyres

7.1 am fond______tennis.

A) of playing c) to play

B) playing d) play

8 At first I felt homesick but soon I got used______abroad.

A) living c) live

B) to living d) to live

9. How many countries took_______in the last Olymp


A) away c) part

B) out d) place

10.1 wish I______speak German.

A) can c) could have

B) could d) will

11. This test is_______more difficult than the previous one.

A) many c) far

B) very d) extremely

12. It must be the wine that is making me feel_______.

A) sleep c) sleeping

B) sleepy d) to sleep

13. The book contained very______useful information.

A) little c) a few

B) few d) many

14. More______into this drug is planned for next year.

A) investigation c) experiment

B) research d) test

15. You look great. You_______have had a good time.

A) should c) may not

B) could d) must

16.1 don’t mind_______long distances if the roads are good.

A) driving c) being driven

B) to drive d) drive

17. He complained_______having to pay extra money.

A) for c) about

B) in d) of

18. It’s no_______trying to escape.

A) use c) used

B) be used d) using

!9. It’s time something_______about the traffic problem in


A) to do c) was done

B) to be done d) is done

20. Tom cut______while he was shaving.

A) myself c) oneself

B) himself d) yourself

21. With this special ticket_______tourist can go_______he

Likes on______bus.

A) any, anywhere, any c) any, anywhere, some

B) some, somewhere, any d) any, somewhere, any

22.1 don’t go out______I used to.

A) not much c) so much as

B) as much as d) so much

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