Тест 1

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. I hope they______this road by the time we come back

Next summer.

A) will have repaired c) will repair

B) would repair d) would have repaired

2. The essay is good______for the spelling mistakes.

A) apart c) unless

B) besides d) except

3. Jim suggested that I______a car.

A) should buy c) would buy

B) buying d) have bought

4. Will he arrive______time for dinner?

A) at c) to

B) with d) in

5. When oil and water mix, oil______to the top.

A) rise c) rises

B) rose d) is risen

6.______him all novelists are insignificant.

A) besides c) beside

B) near d) after

7. This blouse does not go______a pink skirt.

A) with c) up

B) to d) for

8. Are these lettuces home______or did you buy them in

The market?

A) growing c) grow

B) grown d) grew

О L Don’t suppose I could leave now,______?

A) do I c) could I

B) can I d) couldn’t I

10. Persons swimming beyond this point do so______their

Own risk.

A) under c) on

B) in d) at

11. The cyclist was run _____ by a motorist.

A) off c) away

B) through d) down

12. After missing a term through illness he had to work very hard to______.

A) catch up c) catch on

B) catch after d) catch in

13. There has been a sharp rise______the cost of living in

The past few years.

A) at c) on

B) of d) in

14.1 will not come to London until the bus strike_______


A) will be c) is

B) would be d) would have been

15. I don’t want anyone to overhear us, but I______you

What happened when we______alone.

A) will tell, will be c) tell, will be

B) will tell, are d) would tell, are

16. If I had a typewriter I______it myself.

A) would type c) will have typed

B) would have typed d) will type

17. The old dog just______on the grass, watching the child

Dren at play.

A) is lying C) lied

B) laid d) lie

18. There has not been a great response to the sale,______?

A) does there c) hasn’t it

B) hasn’t there d) has there

19. If I______rich, I______travel around the world.

A) were, would c) am, would

B) have been, would have d) were, would have

20. That was the time______I left him.

A) when c) —

B) where d) after which

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