9. Прилагательное и наречие

Тест 1

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. The exam was quite easy —______we expected.

A) more easy that c) easier than

B) more easy than d) easier as

2. The more electricity you use,______.

A) your bill will be higher

B) will be higher your bill

C) the higher your bill will be

D) higher will be your bill

3. He’s a fast runner. I can’t run as______as he.

A) fast c) faster

B) fastly d) fastest

4. The film was really boring. It was______I’ve ever seen.

A) most boring film c) the film more boring

B) the more boring film d) the most boring film

5. My book is______interesting______yours.

A) as, as c) as, like

B) like, like d) like, as

6. My house is______ height______his.

A) as, as c) as, the same

B) the same, as d) the same, the same

7. John’s grades are______his sister’s.

A) the higher than c) higher than

B) the highest as d) more high than

8. His drawings are as perfect as his______.

A) instructor b) instructor’s

C) instructors d) instructor drawings

9. The salary of a professor is higher than______a secretary.

A) — c) has

B) one of d) that of

10.1 feel______today than I did last week.

A) much better c) no better

B) more good d) more better

11. No animal is so big______King Kong.

A) as c)than

B) so d) that

12. Her sport car is different______Kate’s.

A) like c) from

B) as d) so

13. California is farther from New York______Pennsylva­nia.

A) as c) like

B) than d) from

14. This encyclopedia costs______the other one.

A) more c) twice as many as

B) twice more than d) twice as much as

15. The hotter it is,______I feel.

A) the more miserable c) more miserable

B) the miserable d) most miserable

16. The more you study,______you will become.

A) the more smart c) smarter

B) the more smarter d) the smarter

17. No sooner had he started out for California______it

Started to rain. a) that c) no sooner

B)than d)-

18. Of the two books, this one is the______.

A) the most interesting c) more interesting

B) most interesting d) the more interesting

19. These shoes are______of all.

A) less expensive c) the less expensive

B) the least expensive d) least expensive

20. He drives______than Bob.

A) more cautiously c) the most cautiousliest

B) cautiouslier d) more cautious

Тест 2

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Honesty is______policy.

A) the best c) more better

B) better d) the better

2.______men declare war. But it is the youth that fight and


A) oldest c) eldest

B) elder d) older

3. Of two evils choose______.

A) less c) the least

B) little d) smaller

4. What’s the______news of today?

a) later c) lately

b) last d) latest

5. If you are interested in______details ask the head of the


A) further c) furthest

B) farther d) farthest

6. Actions speak______than words.

A) more louder c) louder

B) the loudest d) loudly

7. Hotels are becoming______nowadays.

A) more expensive c) expensiver

B) the most expensive d) the more expensive

8. The damage to the car could be______than we expected.

A) bad c) the worst

B) worse d) the worse

9. That was______case in his practice.

A) the least difficult c) the less difficulter

B) the less difficult d) difficulter

10. The sea is______unknown part of our planet.

A) the most large c) the most largest

B) the largest d) the larger

11. This cake is______the one you made last night.

A) sweeter than c) sweet as

B) sweetest d) more sweeter than

12. That was______question in the exam.

A) least difficult c) little difficult

D) the less difficult d) the least difficult

13. This was the______test I’ve ever done.

A) easiest c) easier

B) easy d) most easiest

14. That was the______performance I’ve ever seen.

A) worst c) worse

B) bad d) worser

15. Those shoes cost______mine.

A) much as c) more as

B) as much as d) as more

16. You live even______from the centre than they.

A) farther c) furthest

B) far d) more far

17.1 like Jane less than Tom, but I like Sam______of all.

A) less c) little

B) lesser d) least

18. It took Kate______to do this work.

A) long b) as long

C) the longest d) much longer

19. The smaller a garden is______it is to look after.

A) the easier c) easier

B) more easy d) most easy

20. My left arm is______than my right one.

A) stronger c) most strong

B) more stronger d) strongest

21. The people who arrive______get the best seats.

A) more earlier c) the earliest

B) most early d) much early

22. It’s becoming_____ to find a job.

A) hard and hard c) hardly and hard

B) harder and harder d) the hardest and the hardest

23.______we leave,______we will arrive.

A) the earlier, the sooner c) the earliest, the soon

B) the early, sooner d) the earlier, sooner

24. Could you speak______, please?

A) distinct c) less distinctly

B) most distinct d) more distinctly

Тест 3

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. Kevin continued to study______in a well-organized pri­vate school and he______found a common language

With his new school fellows.

A) serious, quick c) seriously, quick

B) seriously, quickly d) serious, quickly

2. The scene was______. Can you imagine John running so


A) quite amazing, fast c) such amazing, fast

B) rather amazing, fastly d) so amazed, fast

3. Will you give me______information on delivery arrange­ments?

A) farther c) more further

B) further d) much far

4. The benefit was______great a success that the promoters

Decided to repeat it.

A) so c) as

B) such d) like

5. John is______a wonderful person: he is very friendly, gay,

He has much talent.

A) so c) quite

B) rather d) such

6. Mark was sure to get acknowledged as he worked______.

A) hardly c) too hardly

B) hardly enough d) hard enough

7. The teacher was giving her a test after a test in geography and she was doing______.

A) more and more bad c) more and more worser

B) worser and worser d) worse and worse

8. She became______as she was growing up.

A) much and much beautifully

B) more and more beautiful

C) more and more beautifully

D) most and most beautiful

9. You may dive safely here, the lake is______.

A) enough deep c) deep enough

B) deeply enough d) quite deeply

10. Her face had relaxed, the tension had gone. It looked ______and______.

A) more younger, more beauty

B) more young, more beautiful

C) younger, beautifully

D) younger, more beautiful

11.1 found it difficult to answer him. I was______to be able

To think clearly.

A) enough confused c) very confusing

B) confusing too d) too confused

12. We slept in a double-bedded room, which was______

That the little country inn could do for us.

A) good c) the best

B) better d) worse

13.______sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate but

To be indifferent to them.

A) the worst c) bad

B) worse d) worst

14. Because the first pair of shoes didn’t fit______, he asked

For another one.

A) more proper c) proper

B) most properly d) properly

15. I’ve got too little time and my______care will be to find

______way to the village because the school I’m going

To is at______end.

A) next, the nearest, the fartherest

B) nearest, nearest, furtherest

C) near, next, farther

D) next, next, further

16. During the Middle Ages London grew twice______it

Was in size and wealth.

A) as large as c) as larger as

B) larger than d) as larger than

17. The professor looked______at the student’s paper and

Then began to speak. His voice sounded______.

A) quick, terrible c) quickly, terribly

B) quickly, terrible d) quick, terribly

18. John said that no other car could go______.

A) as fast as his c) as fast as the car of him

B) so fast like his car d) as fast like his car

19. Even though she looks very young, she is twice______

My twenty-year-old sister.

A) older c) as old as

B) as old than d) older than

20. Of the two landscapes that you have shown me this one is

A) more picturesque c) most picturesque

B) the more picturesque d) the most picturesque

Тест 4

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. Susan’s job is.______She is not______with it.

A) boring, satisfied c) boring, satisfying

B) bored, satisfied d) a bore, satisfying

2. Near the window there was a______table.

A) beautiful round large wooden

B) large wooden beautiful round

C) beautiful large round wooden

D) wooden beautiful large round

3. Drive______! You drive too fast.

A) careful c) with care

B) carefully d) in care

4. This dish tastes a bit______.

A) strange c) strangefully

B) strangely d) stranger

5. Give me this______box please.

A) metal small black c) black small metal

B) small metal black d) small black metal

6. Please, speak______. The exam is on.

A) most quiet c) quiet

B) quietly d) more quiet

7. Mary was______injured in the car accident.

A) bad c) badly

B) hard d) hardly

8. You shouldn’t go to the laboratory with us. It is not______

At all.

A) necessarily c) necessity

B) necessary d) a necessity

9. There was a great traffic. We______came in time.

A) hardly c) in hard

B) hard d) harder

10. Jane is a______worker that is why she has the highest

Scores in the group.

A) hardly c) hard

B) hardship d) harder

11. Don’t even talk to him. He is______impolite!

A)so c)such

B) so a d) such an

12. It was______difficult exam, that we fell asleep immedi­ately after it.

A) such c) so

B)such a d)so a

13.1 enjoyed my trip to Paris. It was______.

A) such relaxing c) so relaxing

B) such relaxed d) so a relax

14. This is______book that I can’t stop reading it.

A) so interesting c) such an interesting

B) such interesting d) so an interesting

15. We must figure out income tax returns______.

A) accuracy c) accurately

B) accurate d) accuratively

16. Susan appeared so______that I couldn’t help making

Her a compliment.

A) beautifully c) beauty

B) beautiful d) more beautiful

17. Jane feels______about having a big party.

A) enthusiastic c) in enthusiasm

B) enthusiastically d) with enthusiasm

18. Mary draws as______as her sister.

A) good c) nicely

B) well d) well like

19. Our villa is as______as yours.

A) expensively c) expensive

B) expense d) expensive like

20. The song sounded too______to be worth listening to.

A) noisy c) in noise

B) noisily d) much noise

21. The doctor felt the leg_______to see if there were any

broken bones.

a) careful c) carefully

b) in carefulness d) care

22. This lake is the same______as that one.

a) deep c) deeply

b) depth d) more deep

23. Caroline goes to the swimming pool less______than

Mary does.

a) frequent c) frequency

b) frequently d) more frequent

24. Elisa dances______than her sister.

a) more gracefully c) most graceful

b) more graceful d) more grace

25. Jane has as______opportunities to go in for sport as I.

a) little c) small

b)few d) fewer

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