4. Страдательный залог

Тест 1

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. English is the main foreign language which______within

Most school systems.

A)teach c)teaches

B) is taught d) is teaching

2. On festive occasions sweets______at the end of a meal.

A) are served c) is being served

B) is served d) served

3. If the vegetable we______is very soft a crunchy relish

A) are serving, may be added

B) are served, may be added

C) is serving, may be added

D) may be served, added

4. In India the right hand______for eating.

A) used c) is used

B) uses d) is being used

5. Needless to say, hands______before and after eating.

A) must wash c) wash

B) must be washing d) must be washed

6. Some of the rice______ plain to enable us to eat it with

Other dishes.

A) is left c) is leaving

B) left d) is being left

7. I haven’t got a large appetite and when I______my fa­vourite food, I leave half of it on the plate.

A) was given c) have given

B) gave d) am given

8. My father______that roast meat is not healthy.

A) persuaded c) has persuaded

B) has been persuaded d) persuades

9. She stood in the shadows of the jungle, knowing that she ______by the Indians.

A) must follow c) must have been followed

B) must have followed d) followed

10. She thought the arrow______poisoned.

A) is c) can be

B) may be d) could be

11. He knew the boys______rescued.

A) would be c) are

B) have been d) ’11 be

12. Japan______up of a chain of more than one thousand


A) make c) is making

B) is made d) makes

13. Japan______from Korea by the Sea of Japan.

A) is separated c) separated

B) separates d) is separating

14. Japan has a large number of volcanoes, sixty-seven of which______active.

A) consider c) were considered

B) considered d) are considered

15. Now girls are not embarrassed______smoking.

A) to see c) to be seen

B) seeing d) have been seen

16. Research devoted to the differences between men and women______discouraged by feminists for a long time.

A) are b) have been

С) has been d) were

17. Feminists feared that such research______to justify sex


A) may be used c) can be used

B) might be used d) should be used

18. An area of rainforest the size of Austria______every


A) is being destroyed c) destroyed

B) destroys d) destroying

19. Who knows what as yet undiscovered weapons against

Cancer or AIDS ______ by the destruction of the


A) ruin c) are ruined

B) ruined d) are being ruined

20. Do you know how many paintings______by vandals?

A) are destroyed c) have been destroyed

B) are being destroyed d) are destroying

21. Suddenly he thought that something______of him.

A) expected c) is expected

B) was expected d) has been expected

22. A lot of jazz festivals______every year in America.

A) are held c) are holding

B) hold d) held

23. Scotland ______ from London but in many ways it is a

Separate nation.

A) governed c) is governing

B) was governed d) is governed

24. The Highlands are home to many rare birds and animals, which______nowhere else in Britain.

A) are found c) weren’t found

B) aren’t found d) cannot be found

25. A seat belt______even if you are sitting in the back seat.

A) must wear c) must be worn

B) wore d) must be wearing

Тест 2

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. The famous actress______now for the "HELLO" maga­zine.

A) is interview c) is being interviewed

B) interview d) was interviewed

2. All tickets______before we got in the theatre.

A) were sold c) are sold

B) have sold d) had been sold

3. Students______next Friday.

A) will be examined c) are examined

B) will examine d) have been examined

4. "A Farewell to Arms"______in 1929.

A) was published c) published

B) were published d) has published

5. The dinner______by five o’clock tomorrow.

A) will be served c) will have been served

B) is served d) will serve

6. He______to tidy the garage.

A) was helped c) are helped

B) were helped d) have helped

7. She______practicing the piano yesterday.

A) is heard c) hear

B) was heard d) hears

8. The jam sandwiches______with white bread.

A) made c) are made

B) makes d) is made

9. Most children______strongly______their parents.

A) are, influencing on c) has, influence with

B) are, influenced by d) have, influenced by

10. All information______to me, before I found her ad­dress.

A) had given c) was given

B) had been given d) is given

11. The Loch Ness monster______to exist.

A) is told c) is said

B) tells d) says

12. About 50 people______to the party yesterday.

A) were invited c) was invited

B) invite d) are invited

13. Trained dogs______by the police to find drugs.

A) use c) used

B) are using d) are used

14. Lisa is at the beauty parlor. She is______.

A) having her nails painted

B) had her nails

C) painting her nails

D) painted her nails

15. Mike ______ to clean his room.

A) was make c) was made

B) are made d) is being made

16. Oxford______by Manchester United in the Cup Final


A) beaten c) has been beaten

B) was beaten d) was beated

17. Fruit juice______by her over the white table cloth.

A) had spilt c) had been spilled

B) spilled d) has been spilt

18. The book______by the lecturer.

A) was referred c) has referred

B) referred to d) was referred to

19. Mr. Smith______the letter______.

A) make, typed c) has, typed

B) have, typed d) is, typed

20. Such a dress______.

A) can sat down in c) can’t sit down in

B) can sit down in d) can’t be sat down in

21. Many people______to be homeless after the floods.

A) is reported c) reported

B) are reported d) report

22. Central heating______just______in Julia’s house.

A) have been installed c) is installing

B) has been installing d) has been installed

Тест 3

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Much______by the end of the term.

A) has learnt c) had been learnt

B) have been learnt d) was learning

2. The book______to me before it appeared on sale.

A) had been given c) has been given

B) was given d) is given

3. The library______this year.

A) builds c) is building

‘ b) has been built d) was built

4.1 suddenly remembered that the book______at home.

A) had been left c) had left

B) was left d) has been left

5. The flat______into before you arrived.

A) had moved c) isn’t moved

B) hadn’t been moved d) was moved

6. The children______to bed early yesterday.

A) had been put c) are put

B) put d) were put

7. Many new houses______in our street by next year.

A) will build c) are building

B) have built d) ’11 have been built

8. The questions______by the teacher now.

A) are asked c) are being asked

B) are asking d) have been asked

9. The novel "The Mother" by Gorky______into many


A) has been translated b) has translated

С) had been translated d) hasn’t translated

10. This monument______by the new year.

A) will erect c) will have erected

B) ’11 be erected d) will have been erected

11. A large gold cup______to the athlete last year.

A) presented c) is presented

B) was presented d) presents

12. A lot of concerts_______by amateur actors in this


A) was given c) gave

B) were given d) give

13. Reports at the conference______by all the students.

A) is made c) were made

B) made d) make

14. The plan of work______for four hours.

A) discussed c) have been discussed

B) is discussed d) has been discussed

15. The plan of work______by all the students at five to­morrow.

A) is discussing c) is being discussed

B) will be discussed d) will discuss

16. An experiment______next week on Monday.

A) will be made c) is made

B) will make d) is being made

17. The article______already discussed.

A) is being c) has been

B) has d) was

18. The key______for everywhere but it______

A) was looked, hasn’t found

B) has been looked, didn’t find

C) is looked, hasn’t been found

D) has been looked, hasn’t been found

19. The work______yet.

A) hasn’t been finished c) hasn’t finished

B) wasn’t finished d) didn’t finish

20. A lot of new English words______this year.

A) had been learnt c) has been learnt

B) is learnt d) have been learnt

21. The doctor______for before you came.

A) is sent c) was sent

B) had been sent d) has been sending

22. The letter______two weeks ago.

A) wrote c) was written

B) was writing d) was being written

23. The news______on the radio two hours ago.

A) were announced c) have been announced

B) was announced d) announced

24. When workers______advertisement______in newspa­pers.

A) want, is placed c) wanted, is placed

B) are wanted, places d) are wanted, is placed

25. Thousands of young men and girls______to the univer­sities every year.

A) are admitted c) have been admitted

B) admit d) admitted

Тест 4

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. The wonderful film______on videotape, and it______

By the whole family.

A) was recorded, was watched

B) is recorded, was watched

C) recorded, is watched

D) was recorded, is watched

2. Nobody likes when he______for the offence, which he

Did not commit.

A) blames c) is blamed

B) was blamed d) blamed

3. She______if she had been wearing a seat-belt.

A) will not have injured

B) would not have been injured

C) would not injure

D) will not injure

4. Over 50 million students______in American schools

Which range from kindergartens to high school.

A) were enrolled c) has enrolled

B) are enrolled d) was enrolled

5. America’s first college, Harvard,______in Massachusetts

In the 17th century.

A) is being founded c) was founded

B) had been founded d) has been founded

6. The story of the first Thanksgiving feast______among

The Americans.

A) is well-known

B) have been well-known

C) would have been well-known

D) was well-known

7. The students______on the topic "Industrial Revolution"

At the end of the term.

A) will be tested c) will have been tested

B) are being tested d) were tested

8. Now London’s councilmen______to approve the erec­tion of a life-size statue of Charlie Chaplain in the cos­tume that the British-born comedian made famous in his films.

A) being asked c) are being asked

B) asked d) was asked

9. Mr. S. was sure that prisoners of conscience______in at

Least 60 countries.

A) are being held c) being held

B) were being held d) hold

10. In more than 200 years the USA Constitution______26


A) is amended c) has been amended

B) is being amended d) was amended

11. The bridge______by tomorrow morning.

A) will have been reconstructed

B) is being reconstructed

C) will be reconstructed

D) was reconstructed

12. It was reported that the treaty______two weeks before.

A) would have been ratified

B) is ratified

C) had been ratified

D) was ratified

13. Sarah showed me the article, which ______ by her


A) was translated c) translated

B) had been translated d) has been translated

14. At the police station he______a lot of questions.

A) asked c) had been asking

B) had been asked d) was asked

15. The rent for the house______regularly.

A) was paid c) paid

B) was paying d) pays

16. This question______at the meeting now.

A) has been discussed c) was discussed

B) is discussing d) is being discussed

17. This article______recently.

A) has been translated c) translated

B) was translated d) had been translated

18. The Russian hockey team______to win next Olympic


A) was supposed c) will suppose

B) is supposed d) supposes

19. Luke does not like______on trifles.

A) examines c) being examined

B) to be examined d) examined

20. They______to get married very soon.

A) are expected c) expects

B) is expected d) will expect

21.1______a big sum of money to buy the furniture for the


A) is given c) am given

B) gave d) was given

22.1 remember my train______during the journey.

A) to delay c) delayed

B) being delayed d) was delayed

23. The meeting______by Mr. Brown yesterday.

A) is cancelled c) has been cancelled

B) was cancelled d) cancelled

24. Shilov’s paintings______at a gallery in Moscow.

A) are shown c) showing

B) showed d) shows

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