13. Фразовые глаголы

Тест 1

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Some people believe that it is necessary to______capital


A) bring back c) carry on

B) bring about d) give down

2. When you______writing the project, do not forget to

Consult the dictionary.

A) get back to c) go over to

B) get down to d) set off to

3. Jane has______many troubles last year, but she remained

Confident and persistent.

A) gone to c) got through

B) stayed up through d) gone through

4. The play was______by the sudden illness of the leading


A) held on c) held up

B) held through d) held over

5. If you do not need the book,______to the library.

A) take it up c) take it through

B) take it back d) take it down

6. Many people are______by false promises to make them


A) taken in c) taken over

B) taken through d) taken back

7. The company______five new employees every year.

A) takes on c) holds on

B) takes up d) carries on

8. When the fire broke out, Mary was the person to______

The situation.

A) take on c) hold in

B) take over d) get on

9. The burglary has nothing______Susan. It is unfair to ac­cuse her of it.

A) to do away with c) to take after

B) to bring about with d) to do with

10. The professor refused to check Jane’s test because he could not______her handwriting.

A) go through c) make out

B) make up d) make for

11. The government should ______ crime.

A) do away with c) make out with

B) do with d) make away with

12. Elisa______her flat. It looks very stylish now.

A) did for c) made up

B) did up d) made away with

13. It is difficult to______how you feel when you are in


A) get through c) get across

B) get around d) get back to

14. My business makes me______a lot. I have been to many


A) get around c) get across

B) get back d) get over

15. Fortunately, all of my classmates______university.

A) got over to c) got into

B) went over to d) made for

16. Sarah______fine with everybody in the group. She is

Easy-going and communicative.

A) gets after c) makes on

B) gets on d) holds on

17. The manager promised to______the contract as soon as


A) draw out of c) get through

B) draw up d) come along with

18. Mary______the details of the contract and only then

Agreed to sign it.

A) figured in c) found in

B) figured over d) figured out

19. When I was walking in the park, I______an old friend.

A) ran across c) ran into

B) passed out d) ran up

20. The company is still______the project of the new ad­vertisement.

A) talking over c) watching out

B) talking in d) putting out

21. Jane won’t______the details of the plan, we can trust


A) give up c) talk over

B) give away d) get into

22. We_______the afternoon to the discussion of the new


A) gave on c) gave over

B) went on d) held on

23. Dictators like him rarely______without a fight.

A) go down c) give over

B) make for d) pass out

24. How can we______solving this problem?

A) go about c) make up

B) go down d) take on

25. On seeing the owner of the house the thieves______the


A) made down to c) went for

B) made for d) took to

Тест 2

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. If you are absent (with, to, from, on) more than two prac­tices, you’ll be asked to leave.

2. There’s no need to go (in, into, up, to) details, just give me the general idea.

3. These three articles make (up, for, from, out) the whole book.

4. The wing of the plane broke (out, away, back, in) in mid­air and the plane crashed.

5. I’ll pick you (up, with, out, from) at your place at eight o’clock.

6. The writer was absorbed (in, with, on, into) her work.

7. It should be reasonably easy to pick (with, for, up, over) a taxi outside the station.

8. The committee has agreed (from, to, in, up) your request.

9. Don’t give (away, in, up, to) without trying.

10. Please, put me (up, in, out, off) the train at the station serving the airport.

11. The article was abstracted (out of, out, from, for) a longer book.

12. What will the world use for power when it has run (from, away, in, out of) oil?

13. He cares only (about, on, with, for) himself.

14. They needed the money to set (right, off, up, over) a spe­cial school for gifted children.

15. The coat and trousers make (up, for, from, out) the suit.

16. The old cars were broken (down, away, out, back) for their metal and parts.

17. Does she get (down, away, out, along) with your aunt all right?

18. Let’s act (as, of, out, on) the story of the three bears once more.

19.1 shall have to give (up, away, apart, in) singing when I get too old.

20.1 had to run to catch (over, up, on, out) with her.

21. We must adapt our needs (from, for, as, to) our income.

22. I came (about, across, along, up) this old photo in the back of the drawer.

23. Please, point (out, to, up, down) where I went wrong.

24. It’s always advisable to check (off, out, on, in) early to get a good seat on your flight.

25. He keeps going (through, up, over, away) the same story although no one believes him.

Тест 3

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. Do you, too, run (of, from, in, out of) money long before the next payday?

2. It is difficult to accustom oneself (into, in, to, of) the new ideas of younger people.

3. Send (for, to, after, of) a doctor, a man has been hurt.

4. Tell them to be (in, of, on, at) ease.

5. My father decided to apply (for, to, of, at) a new job.

6. It’s hard to give (up, away, out, in) the smoking habit with out help.

7. Add (to, of, from, in) the flour a little at a time.

8. If you look (at, on, for, after) your shoes, they will last longer.

9. I’ll get (along, across, after, up) with a bicycle until I buy a car.

10. Let’s go (away, through, over, into) that scene again, until you are sure you know it.

11. This house seems to have been well looked (after, on, to, at).

12. The hospital must be adapted (from, of, as, to) the special needs of the sick children.

13. Using a long stick, the teacher pointed (out, off, to, up) a place on the map.

14. Tonight’s concert will be put (into, up, in, off) till next week, as one of the singers has fallen ill.

15. Part of the country broke (away, out, in, back) to form a new nation.

16.1 did want a holiday abroad, but we’ve had to give (away, with, on, up) the idea.

17. One of the duties of the nurse is to show people (out, off, up, in) to the doctor’s office.

18. You’ll have to account (with, of, up, for) every penny goes.

19. It often prevents an argument if you smile (on, upon, at, with) people who are rude to you.

20. Mother was well looked (on, after, for, at) in hospital.

21. Many of Dickens’ books have been adapted (from, for, on, out) the cinema.

22. The king was forced to give (up, away, to, in) his crown.

23. Your spending should not go (away, through, over, into) your income.

24.1 could hardly keep (from, for, in, back) laughing when he fell.

25. We’ve agreed (with, about, for, on) Spain for our holiday next year.

Тест 4

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. She accused her brother (up, for, to, of) the crime.

2. Even if you fail the exam, you must try to keep (on, of, off, to) until you pass it.

3. The thieves waited until it was dark enough to break (in, away, down, up).

4. Who will look (around, about, for, after) the children while you go out to work?

5. You’ll have to answer (for, up, back, to) your violent behaviour.

6. My aunt brought (up, about, away, in) four children.

7. Can you account (with, up, of, for) why our team lost?

8. Keep (on, of, off, to) with your studies, however hard it sometimes seems.

9. He turned and left her, but she looked (at, on, after, round) him with tears in her eyes.

10.1 must apologize (for, to, against, of) my carelessness.

11. It is difficult to adjust one’s habits (to, on, up, with) someone else.

12. You have to pass the entrance exams to be admitted (in, to, with, for) the university.

13. The date of the election will be given (out, up, away, in) soon.

14. I’ve never won anything yet, but I intend to keep (out, away, off, on) until I do.

15. The charity organization is appealing (to, of, for, on) more money to help the homeless.

16. Who’s looking (after, on, at, of) the arrangements for the wedding?

17. The opposition is calling (in, for, at, about) a general election.

18. The price doesn’t include tax added (on, for, of, to).

19. The doctor told him to give (in, up, away, off) smoking.

20. You will break (off, in, down, into) if you work too hard.

21. A string broke but the pianist kept (up, off, on, for) play­ing.

22. He never cares (about, for, of, on) other people’s opin­ion.

23. He could not account (of, for, with, up) his foolish mis­take.

24. A compass needle always points (out, off, to, up) the north.

25. Sarah is addicted (to, of, for, on) music.

Тест 5

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. If you want to make a success of your life, you have to learn to look (ahead, after, in, into).

2. Peace talks have broken (into, down, in, on) in the Middle East.

3. Don’t take her seriously, she’s just acting (out, as, of, on).

4. Why is she refusing to deal (on, out, of, with) our new neighbour?

5. Don’t put (off, up, out, in) making the arrangements until the last minute.

6. Let’s go (in, away, out, on) tonight; there’s a good film showing at the local cinema.

7. The police are acting (for, on, of, upon) information re­ceived.

8. Mistakes in the printing should be pointed (out, to, up, down) at once.

9. Would you please put me (in, out, off, up) at the railway station?

10. Let’s eat (off, out, into, away) tonight. I’m too tired tc cook.

11. We’re all looking (ahead, for, around, forward) to seeing you again soon.

12. At her lessons pupils often act (like, as, for, of) a teacher.

13. He hasn’t much acting ability, but he uses the stage as a chance to show (in, on, off, with).

14. The singer was advised to give (in, up, away, from) all hope of becoming a professional.

15. It was pointed (down, to, at, out) to us that the office was closed.

16. Being able to give (up, away, in, to) driving to work is a real pleasure.

17. A special committee has been set (in, on, up, over) to in­vestigate this case.

18. We can’t get (across,’ after, up, along) without more money.

19. The medicine acted (as, for, on, like) his fever at once.

20. Is Mary still going (out, off, into, for) with that red-haired boy? I thought that was all over.

21. You should acquaint yourself (with, to, into, up) the facts before making a decision.

22. The child gave (away, in, to, up) learning the piano when he was seven.

23. The news was given (away, out, over, for) that the political leader had died.

24. He generally made (for, from, up, off) the necessary amount.

25. Does this piece of music appeal (to, for, of, on) you?

Тест 6

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. I’m not accustomed (of, to, over, upon) your laws.

2. I wouldn’t advise you to go (against, after, about, into) your father’s wishes.

3. Please, call (out, for, in, away) any time you are in town.

4. The telephone rang just as I was about to pick (over, up, with, from) the receiver.

5. Musicians rarely agree (with, for, to, about) the way a piece of music should be played.

6. I’ve run (from, out of, into, away) coffee. Will you have tea?

7. Don’t give (up, away, out, round) the ending of the story. It’ll spoil it.

8.1 am not accustomed (of, into, to, in) public speaking.

9. It’s still polite to give (up, away, to, in) your seat on the bus to an old lady.

10. Leave this house now or I will send (to, in, for, up) the police.

11. Do you agree (to, with, up, of) my plan?

12. The quickest way to go (above, over, about, out) the city is by underground train.

13. A trained dog can act (like, for, of, as) a guide to a blind person.

14. I’m making (out, for, of, up) a parcel of food to send to the children at camp.

15. The criminal broke (away, out, in, back) from the police­man who was holding him.

16. Different qualities make (for, from, up, out) a person’s character.

17.1 am not acquainted (with, up, of, to) your sister.

18. If you drop a knife, don’t pick it (over, up, with, from), take a clean one.

19. Doctors advise (with, on, for, of) many things other than medicine.

20. Never put (out, in, up, off) till tomorrow what you can do today.

21. There is a sign pointing (to, out, at, off) the way out.

22. He’s not acquainted (to, with, up, of) this piece of music.

23. The board of directors is made (from, out, off, up) of ex­perienced men and women.

24. All the arrangements have been set (over, in, out, up) for the newsmen to meet the Queen.

25. The tea is made (up, out, of, off) from a mixture of sev­eral different types.

Тест 7

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1. You should always aim (to, up, at, on) doing your job well

2. The police examined the cars and then allowed them to gщ (up, on, off, to).

3. The factory must drive (for, away, at, back) increased pro­duction this year.

4. Every year the children look (ahead, away, to, forward) to having the holidays.

5. Our representative in the U. N. must be called (back, at, by, down).

6. Why did he give (up, away, in, to) his college course?

7. Look (at, into, through, up) your examination paper be­fore you hand it in.

8.1 agree (to, upon, on, with) your father; it’s a foolish risk!

9. The shipwrecked sailors were picked (up, over, away, in) by a passing boat.

10.1 don’t care (for, about, in, of) what you think.

11. I can’t get (through, round, on, about) to London, the lines are all busy.

12. It’s time to put (in, out, up, off) foolish ideas and become serious.

13. An adjective must agree (to, with, an, upon) its noun in number.

14. I couldn’t remember a fairy story to tell the children so I made it (over, up, of, from) as I went along!

15, Don’t answer (back, to, for, in), it’s impolite.

16. Major changes will have to be brought (over, about, along, away) in Russian industry.

17 Sometimes I feel like giving (up, in, to, away) the struggle to live on my income.

18. The statement that you have made will have to be thor­oughly gone (back, off, into, up).

19. This cream is best applied (with, on, upon, to) the face at night.

20. Henry called (for, up, away, in) the waiter in a loud voice.

21. Let the child get accustomed (to, of, in, into) her new teacher.

22. More men are needed to make (for, up, from, out) the police force to its full strength.

23. Phone him at the office, he should be (away, out of, in, on) now.

24. My parents didn’t approve (away, for, to, of) my mar­riage.

25. Please will you pick (up, over, out, away) my parcel at the post office as you pass.

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