11. Порядок слов

Тест 1

Выберите Правильный Вариант.

1.______the house when it started to rain.

A) Scarcely he had entered

B) Scarcely had he entered

C) He scarcely had entered

2.______at everyone who got off the plane.

A) Suspiciously he looked

B) He suspiciously looked

C) He looked suspiciously

3.______injured in the last match.

A) He badly was

B) Badly he was

C) He was badly

4.______than he fell ill.

A) No sooner he had arrived

B) No he had sooner arrived

C) No sooner had he arrived

5. Not only______you, they smash everything too.

A) they do rob

B) do they rob

C) they rob

6. How______if I fall right through the Earth and come Out

Among the antipodes.

A) funny it will seem

B) it will seem funny

C) it funny will seem

7. He was born______.

A) at two o’clock on April 12th in the morning in 1947

B) in the morning at two o’clock on April 12th in 1947

C) at two o’clock in the morning on April 12th in 1947

О all the exercises he had to do.

A) He carefully wrote

B) He wrote carefully

C) Carefully he wrote

9 I______after that.

A) only saw him once

B) saw him only once

C) saw him once only

10.______have not arrived.

A) The ordered goods

B) The goods ordered

C) The goods which ordered

11.______got to the station on time.

A) Only I and my brother

B) Only my brother and I

C) My brother and I only

12. Last year we went______.

A) to Vienna by train at Easter

B) at Easter to Vienna by train

C) by train at Easter to Vienna

13. Where is your new car? Come on,______!

A) show us

B) show us to it

C) show to us

14. They have lived______.

A) for a long time peacefully in the same house

B) for a long time in the same house peacefully

C) peacefully in the same house for a long time

15. А______man got up from the table and beckoned to


A) pleasant looking and middle-aged

B) middle-aged pleasant looking

C) pleasant-looking middle aged

16. They arranged to meet______.

A) in a pub at the foot of College Road for a pre-lunch drink

B) for a pre-lunch drink in a pub at the foot of College Road

C) for a pre-lunch drink at the foot of College Road in a pub

17. I’d like you to get______from the market.

A) for me some fruit

B) some fruit me

C) some fruit for me

18. Never before______to accept a bribe.

A) I had been asked

B) had I been asked

C) had been I asked

19. The secretary typed______.

A) for Mr. Benson the document

B) Mr. Benson the document

C) the document/or Mr. Benson

20. A______woman with brown hair was the only contralto.

A) small and bullied-looking

B) bullied-looking small

C) small bullied-looking

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